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Yaaay another tea drinker!

I'm sixteen years old and I'm currently dying under exam angst doing my GCSEs. I also enjoy drinking tea (duh!), watching the Mentalist *points at siggy* and reading mystery novels -- my favourites being the Scarpetta series by Patricia Cornwell and the Kenzie-Gennaro novels by Dennis Lehane. I am a proud East Londoner and I have a weird Cockneyish accent. I speak fluent Bengali and English, attempt/schoolgirl French and broken Arabic. (I can also sing in French and Spanish but I sound awful, lol.)
Tea or hot chocolate, or hot ribena if I'm ill! :P

Oh, GCSEs... I wish I could say I remember them well, but the truth is that when you move on to the next tier of education, you're told almost straight away that it's all nonsense anyway! And the work gets more intense through College... and then you get to University and you realise you've basically signed away your soul... I joke, of course Well, sort of... when I matriculated I had to sign something - pretty sure the University actually owns me now... I must say I'm very jealous of people who can speak languages. English is fine, and I can read and write fairly well in Spanish, but even though I was learning it for 7 years, I still can't speak it; I cannot roll my R's. I can't even do other accents in English (although I apparantly managed to do a passable American the other day - I was so delighted when someone told me that I promptly forgot how I'd done it). So, yeah, very jealous of you, Sorya!

I must apologise for my prolific use of ellipses and exclamation marks - they're rather bad habits of mine! In these kinds of conversational contexts, I tend to type like I would speak, and I'm quite an animated speaker Must learn to control myself...!