Interesting. I'm with Alex, though, on the editing review responses thing. Sometimes there's things I'd like to add after I've hit the submit button. Then again, I should really think about what I want to write in the box and hopefully it won't happen as much. *shrugs*

Alors, j'ai trois questions pour vous. (Et si vous ne parlez pas francais, vous devez aller Google Translate.)

(That was very bad French, by the way.)

I don't have that many stories on MNFF, but out of my collection, I've found that the one with the most views is my oldest story. But the one with the most reviews is my WIP. Which is more important -- views or reviews?

In answer to my own TQ, I think reviews are more important if I'm eager to know what people think of the story. But, if I just wanted to know if people are actually reading the story, it's better to look at the views, I suppose. My latest chapter of Checkmate got validated the day before yesterday and while it only got one review, I'm sure people are still reading it because of the view count going up.

We've mentioned one-liner reviews and duplicate reviews. Would you prefer not to get them?

Any reviews are much appreciated, so even if it's just a line, at least the person is taking time out to actually bother to review. As for duplicate reviews...I bet the person didn't realise. No one does it on purpose. Besides, it ups my review count

Do any of you guys post on other sites -- even LJ? (My name on LJ is Soraya786. I created one a long time ago but then I neglected it, so feel free to add me and then we can chat!!) Do you find that when you post on sites like LJ,, etc., that you receive more reviews?

I post on and HPFF but to be honest, Checkmate hasn't been well-received there in terms of reviews. It's improving, but still, I think I prefer reviews on MNFF for my WIP. Even my oneshots and poetry, though, they get more reviews on MNFF than or HPFF. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing, but I think it's a good thing, because MNFF is moderated strictly, so...yeah.

Off to school now. Long babble!!