I'm planning a fic set during the Trio's seventh year that involves a girl who was previously homeschooled having to attend Hogwarts for her final year. My question is, how do people think the Ministry would go about telling parents of students who don't go to Hogwarts that they have to attend?

At the moment, I've got a newly created comittee, the Comittee for Educational Reform, writing the parents a letter basically telling them that the girl has to go. But do you think that would be enough? I'm sure recieving this letter would raise a hell of a lot of questions on the parent's side, and I planned to have them just address these in letters and only recieving pleasantries and repetition of what was said in the original letter in reply. But do you think that the Ministry would send a representative to their home to talk to them about it, or someone from the school? Does the system I've got now sound plausible?

Sarah x