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Thread: SPEW Reviews for March

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    jenny b

    SPEW Reviews for March

    Please post three reviews (or two reviews and one review replacement) by the end of the month.

    Approved activities that will replace your third review are:

    • SPEW Buddies
    • Class Activity at Hogwarts
    • Category Patrolling Project
    • Story or Drabble Challenges
    • Review Award Committee Duties

    Please remember to complete at least one monthly activity and specify which in your post this can be either a response to the Monthly Discussion or Monthly Drabble Challenge, or a review for our Featured Author.

    Also, please don't post in this thread until you have at least one review to link to - it gets kind of spammy otherwise.

    All reviews and monthly activites must be completed and posted by March 31st.

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    Good day, fellow SPEWers!! I won't have much time this month to be reviewing much so I decided to complete my requirements early. Here we are!

    Review 1: Moon by Northumbrian

    Review 2: Becoming Rita by hestiajones

    Review 3: Doubt by lucca4

    Review 3 is a story by the featured author so I think I've done my MA too.

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    Review #1: Curiosity, by The Real Hermione

    Review #2: The Golden Boy, by Equinox Chick

    Review #3: Commencement, by hestiajones

    Monthly Activity:


    Thank you to Hokey for the beautiful banner. And thank you to everyone who nominated and judged --I'm so grateful to you <3.

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    Review 1 -- Wake Up by coolh5000

    Review 2 -- Nightmare by armagod679

    Review Replacement -- Category Patrolling / TTB Brawl Participation

    Monthly Activity -- March Discussion: My Own Awards
    Jess WritesJess DrabblesJess DuelsJess PoetsJess Draws

    Gorgeous banner by Dinny / Evora.
    I'm no longer active, but my inbox is always open. I'd love to hear from you!

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    My review for Christmas Gifts by Paige [SPEW buddy]

    My review for Chapter 1: Meeting in the Tube of Whirlwind by hestiajones

    Review Replacement

    SPEW buddies with Paige
    Cat Patting of Next Gen

    Monthly Activity

    Participated in the Drabble Challenge


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    Review for Ariana's Defiance (Featured Author)
    Review for the Prologue of Soraya's Checkmate (SPEW Buddy)

    Review Replacement

    SPEW Buddies/RAC Duties/TTB Brawl Participation

    Monthly Activity

    Reviewing the Featured Author

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    1. Self Reflections by AshTonks

    2. Draco Malfoy's Years at Hogwarts by TheSilverEagle

    3. Review Replacement - Category Patrolling Project

    Monthly Activity:

    March Discussion - Your Own Awards

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