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When we quote, how do we do the "originally post by …" thing?
I've never actually figured out how.
On the bottom right bar of an individual post, there is a button that says "Reply with Quote". If you hit this, the entire post will automatically be quoted in the Quick Reply box, along with the user's name who posted it. If you only want to quote a little bit or multiple users, you can simply use the normal quote feature (the little icon in the Quick Reply box with the dialogue bubble) and put an "=InsertUsername" after the word 'quote'. That does the trick, as well.

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Just how long, does it take to get sorted?
It is determinant on many factors. Usually, mods will pop in and out of the sorting account, but there is typically someone assigned to the task of sorting to make sure it gets done. If that person has real life issues or other things that occupy their time and are out of their control, sometimes it falls lower on the priority list. It shouldn't take any more than 2 weeks from when you send your PM to when you get your quiz results, but here and there, when things pile up, it can go over that 2 week mark. I apologise if that is not a good time frame for you, but there are very few active mods right now, and we sometimes find ourselves with more work than hours in the day. However, it WILL be taken care of eventually.