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I apologize if this isn't the right place to post this, but when I tried to post in the 'questions' forum, it said I wasn't authorized.

Anyway, as I have been clicking this site, making myself acquainted with my surroundings, I have noted several references to being 'sorted' or having a 'house'. Now, I'm not stupid, I know what being sorted means, and I know to which houses are being referred. However, what I do not know, is how one is sorted.

Can you help me out?
In order to get sorted, send a PM to the username SortingHat with a title along the lines of 'Sorting quiz request'. Once it is sent to you, reply to the quiz with the answers only. Within a week, you will get your results back (sometimes longer, but a week is generally how long it takes), and after that, it'll be another few days until you are added to the House's usergroup, which is done by the Head of House. Overall, the process shouldn't take longer than two weeks.

Once you're sorted, several forums that you can't currently see will appear, and it will completely change your MNFF experience. Two weeks seems like a long time to wait for results, but it's worth it.

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It will only let me login to some parts of the beta boards. When I go to some places it tells me that I am not logged in and it won't recognize my account at all. I'm not sure what to do, as it is only for some places. Please help?
Sometimes, especially on mobile devices, these new forums are a bit testy. One thing that was passed to me by a mobile user, if that is applicable to you, is to add a 'www.' before the 'fanfiction.mugglenet.com/forums'. Some mobile devices such as ipods/pads/phones, and others have issues with recognising urls without the 'www'. Adding it will still take you to the same place.

If you're NOT trying to access via a mobile device and are still having problems, I recommend clearing out your cookies. In Firefox 4, you can do this by clicking the 'Firefox' tab on the top left of the browser window, hovering over 'Options', selecting the 'Options' in that menu. Click on the 'Privacy' tab, and finally on the link 'remove individual cookies'. From there, you can either find the 'mugglenet.com' cookies or just choose to Remove All Cookies. Either way, once you've done that, you will have to log in again, but it helps with the login issues.

For Internet Explorer 9, click on the Cog shape toward the top right of the browser window and select 'Internet Options'. Under the 'Browsing History' heading, click 'Delete...' You have the option of selecting only 'Cookies' to delete. Once that is done, it's probably best to restart the browser and trying to log in again.

If you're still having problems, try restarting your browser if you haven't already. If that doesn't work, then post in the Ask a Mod thread. There might be some sort of issue with your account that would need to be looked at by a coder person or whatever (I'm not too 'up' on tech speak). However, it's usually the case that clearing cookies solves most of these problems.

Sorry about the delay in reply. Since you're not sorted yet, your posts don't show up right away. By the time they do, the site doesn't recognise them as new posts anymore. If no one answers you after a few days or so, feel free to post again, just to make sure this hasn't happened to you. We're here to help .