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Thread: The Brawl ~ WEEK 11 Results and FINAL WEEK~

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    Kara -- well done!! Your drabble was AMAZING. And so was yours, Lori!!!! I honestly squee'd while reading both. It was incredibly difficult voting, so I'm very, very impressed that you both stuck with the brawl right to the very end. And congrats to all of the entrants as well!

    EDIT: it seems that the new boards haven't cured the post Nargles. This is after Kara's post.
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    CONGRATS KARA!!!! (Happy dances at a Gryffindor victory). And Lori, you are simply fab, you dont know how many times I voted for you
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    Thank youuuuu and thank you everyone for making the past three months SO exciting.

    Lori – I'm so honoured to have duelled with you in the end. And I loved both our Mollys

    I bow to your incredible skills (as shown in the amount of points you take for Hufflepuff).
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    Wow. Both of those drabbles were so fabulous. What a wonderful way to end the brawl

    And congrats to Lori as well who gave an amazing fight to the finish! You were a tour de force and a formidable opponent.

    AAAAAND thank you, Carole, for making this so much fun to be a part of! You were amazing and always kept us on our toes heheheh. Gosh, another brawl in September?!?! We all better start recovering now then lol.

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    Good job, you two! Kara, you really deserve this win. I bow to your drabble-ing skills. Lori, the same goes to you! Even though you didn't win, I was awed by several of your brawl entries.

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    Congrats, Kara! Your drabble was amazing and you wrote such a wide variety of styles and characters throughout. I hope you expand a few of them in the future.

    Lori, you will forever be my Brawl hero. There were so many times when your drabbles left me with my mouth hanging open. And so many winnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnns! I hope you are around for the next round as well. Hahaha! VICTORY FOR THE PUFFS YO!

    Croll, thanks for doing this. I know there were times when it stressed you out - emotionally and otherwise - so thanks for sticking with us till the end, the wonderful prompts (though I will never forgive you for that toothbrush one), and for your wonderful and funny posts. I'll follow your lead and shoot Diggly stars up the sky.

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    Here, just a tad later than I wanted, are your prizes, my pretties.


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    Please can you credit both Russia Snow and Bella (clabbert 2101) for this banner. Russia designed it, and Bella made an alteration for me.

    Thank you for being great brawlers and hope to see you back in September (along with the rest of you)

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    So proud of you, Karawr! Told you you could do it! <333
    ~Madam Russia xxxxxx

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