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Well, JK does take a lot of thought in naming her characters. Mary means "bitter, rebellious" according to babynameaddicts.com. "Rebellious" could suggest that she is disobdient, and laid-back about school work, etc. The "bitter" part could mean that she's rather hostile to people she doesn't like, which could explain why she was targeted by the Slytherins.
(hey annie ) I think that the name "Mary", in most people's minds, more suggests the Virgin Mary from Christianity than any other meaning it might have. I think it would probably mean that she, or her family, is religious rather than her being bitter, although you might be right. If there was that connection, then maybe it could also mean that she is kind and compassionate, like Christ's mother is assumed to be. I don't really know, I'm not religious, but that's what comes to mind when I hear that name. ~Olivia <3