The countries I'm concerned with are France and England, which obviously share a border.

Would wizards be able to Aoparate over such distances? I'm keeping the Department of Magical Cooperation in mind here, and I'm trying to use GOF as a reference.

Would wizards of Muggle descent or Squibs carry passports? Would wands be the only required idenification for wizards?

Would the Floo Powder or 'fireside chats' work between nations? What would be the distance imitations?

Also, in case of gathering suspicion from Muggles, would wizards carry forged passports?

This is placed during the First War, so what are additional steps that would be taken, if any, to ensure the safety of public?

Oh yeah, and is there need for a currency exchange? Are Galleons and the other currencies like the modern day concept of the Euro? (I hope so, for that would be easier.)

I checked the Lexicon, and I'll check again, but who was the Head of the Department of International Cooperation during the First War?

Would there have been summit conferences with the International Conferation of Wizards to discuss the looming threat of the Dark Lord or would Britian have kept the threat within her borders?

This is a lot. My apologies. Any thoughts?