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Thread: RETURN OF THE BRAWL - Get your wands ready, drabblers! ~ Sign ups~

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    I would love to get a spot on the waiting list. I was in round three and it never finished.

    Name: eternalangel
    House: Ravenclaw
    Favourite Potterverse Character: Regulus Black
    Brawling weapon of choice: Blade of words.
    Present you'd give to the barmaids (be creative): A candid moment with one of your favorite characters in any fandom (Dr. Who especially included).

    EQ Edit: Yes, I remember. A formidable opponent! Sheena, I'll put you on the waiting list and if there are dropouts before the brawl starts, then you'll have a place.
    RS Edit: Ooh, the possibilities!

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    Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!

    Here be the list of the scurvy knaves ye'll be engaged in fisticuffs with!

    If any of ye dogs knows of any reason why ye cannot participate in the first brawl, then ye needs to let Teh Brawl Mistress (that's Equinox Chick) know by close of play. Arrrrr!

    Okay, I'm going to stop my excessively poor Jack Sparrow impression and merely inform you that if you do know that there is no way you'll be able to get your first drabble in to me by Thursday 3rd March at 8PM then you should let me know by Midnight 26th February GMT. We have people on the waiting list who are champing at the bit.

    If you fail to submit a drabble without letting me know, then I could be forced to invoke previous barmaidly ebil powers and disqualify you from the next Brawl competition. (Round 5)

    For your information:-GMT= Greenwich Mean Time. Use this converter here, if you're unsure of the time difference. The Barmaids are NOT your time zone clerks!

    List of ne'er do wells

    Slytherin =3

    Hufflepuff =11
    Weasley Mom
    Sainyn Swiftfoot
    Cinderella Angelina
    majestic ginny
    h_ vic

    Ravenclaw= 5
    Olive Oil Med
    Midnight Storm

    Gryffindor = 6
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    Karaley Dargen
    Maple and PheonixFeather

    The Barmaids

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