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    Minna - Unavailable

    Username: Minnabird - but call me Minna.

    P.I. Accredition Number: 5604525785

    Author's Page: Clicky


    I haven't read much D/A or Trio-centric stuff, or SSP, but I'm up for anything, really.


    Again, probably up for anything, though I'm inexperienced with SSP. I'm not big on Slytherins (especially Draco and Severus) but I probably wouldn't turn down a fic cos it had them in it. It's just a personal reading preference, having sort of glutted myself on Slyth-centric fic, especially Snape-centric - a bit like eating nothing but hot dogs for a month and not really being all that fond of hot dogs anymore. xD Oh, also, OCs and minor canon characters = LOVE.

    Ratings and Warnings: I'm not really sure how good I'd be with a Professors fic, especially with the "Sexual Situations" warning, but ask anyway. =)

    One-shot or Chaptered: I'm definitely more a one-shot kind of beta. Me = flaky when it gets to be more. >.<

    Turn Around Time: I think I'll be pretty quick - within a few days - depending on when I actually start on the chapter (as opposed to receiving the e-mail, glancing at it, going "arrgghhh but I have art homework!" and going off reluctantly to do it. On the other hand, it might be a great procrastination tool...-is a bad student-).

    Permanent Y/N: Umm. Yes, I guess, if it's a short chaptered. Long ones, I'm not sure about yet.

    Strengths: Spelling, grammar, basically nitpicking your sentences to death. I'm pretty good with canon stuff as well. I'll probably also be able to pick out inconsistencies in plot - at least I notice them when they happen in books, so hopefully it'd work that way in beta'ing as well. I don't have that much experience.

    Weaknesses: Characterization and relationships are not really my strong suit. Briticisms aren't either, really - I'm American, and I just take a lot of Americanisms for granted.

    Style: Track changes on Word. As for editing style, I tend to do a lot of nitpicking but mostly I'll try to explain why I think something's off/wrong. Expect comments galore, probably.

    Method of Contact: E-mail. You're also free to IM me if you want, to ask questions or whatever. If you'd like that, please tell me and I'll PM you my AIM sn along with my e-mail address.

    Other Information: I have Word 2007, so if you have another version where I'll have to convert the document, please tell me. =) Also, if you need any help with HTML tags, I'm pretty good with those as well.

    A few warnings: I will nitpick very small details, including when I feel the word you're using isn't exactly right. I will ask many questions when I feel things are unclear - these are rhetorical, mostly, and just to show what I wondered about in the unclear bits. I may also occasionally explain in detail why something feels off to me - I feel like I have to justify these things sometimes. Usually it'll involve complicated grammar stuff ("I feel like when you use a dependent clause then a comma before the independent clause, the independent clause has to be stronger/heavier than the dependent clause. Otherwise it feels top-heavy.") I do try to restrain myself; if I don't, feel free to ignore me and just substitute "It feels off." Because I feel like I have to justify and ask questions when things are unclear though, there will be a ton of comments involved. If the idea perturbs you, you may not want me as your beta.

    On the upside, this means there are less actual changes made. I mostly just correct grammatically incorrect stuff and misspellings, and leave rewordings to the writer - habit left over from Writing Center in high school, where we weren't allowed to help people rewrite their sentences because then those were our words, not theirs and that would be cheating or something.

    If I haven't scared you off and you'd like me to beta for you, please provide me with the following:

    PHP Code:
    [b]User Name:[/bYour name on MNFF (and on the Beta Forums if they're different)  
    [b]Story:[/b] Story title, linked if you already have a chapter published  
    [b]Category:[/b] Is it a romance? a mystery? dark/angst? (etc.)  
    [b]Ships:[/b] This is short for "relationships." If there is a romantic pairing in the story, tell us who you'
    ve linked up.
    b]Rating and Warnings:[/b]  
    b]Word Count:[/bRemember that the minimum word count for chapters on MNFF is 800-1000 words
    b]One Shot or Chaptered:[/b]  
    b]Expected Beta Time:[/bHow soon you wish to have a reply (1 dayor 3 daysa weeketc)  
    b]What do you need to most help with?[/bGrammarCharacterization
    b]Permanent Y/N:[/b] If you're looking for a permanent beta (Yes or No
    [b]Summary:[/b] Short summary of the story. 
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