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Thread: thegirllikeme - Available

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    Yes, I can do this. You know where to send it!

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    I am if you don't mind that I take anywhere from one to two weeks to get something back.

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    Hey, are you still available?

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    That's fine.

    User Name: Iruthb
    Story: Lily's daughter
    Genre: AU
    Ships: Not really a big part of the story, but maybe OC/Neville and canon couples
    Rating and Warnings: 3rd-5th years, violence, character death, profanity (maybe), and possibly some innuendos
    Word Count: I don't know, but it's going to try and cover all of the seventh year.
    One Shot or Chaptered: Chaptered.
    Expected Beta Time: Take your time!
    What do you need to most help with? Flow, and characterisation.
    Permanent Y/N: I would prefer it, but if not I don't mind.
    Summary: What if Harry had a sister? What if they grew up, not knowing of their sibling? What if she got sorted into Slytherin, and for some reason Snape acted nicer towards her than anyone else?
    This is her story from the moment she's first betrayed by Severus when he kills Dumbledore, until Voldemort's death.

    I realise the summary sounds cheesy, but those questions inspired my story.

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    I hope you are still available! Here is the information for my story.

    User Name: FlightDawn
    Story: Just Enough Time
    Genre: It's kind of general, it's a character death fic but not angsty. I'm not sure how to categorize it yet.
    Ships: None.
    Rating and Warnings: Probably no higher than fourth year. I'm still in the process of finalizing (which is where you come in) and not sure yet.
    Word Count: About 1400 words right now. It keeps changing.
    One Shot or Chaptered: One shot.
    Expected Beta Time: ASAP, but I'm not in a super crazy rush.
    What do you need to most help with? Characterization, and the general flow of the story. I want someone to tell me where I need to expound, what I should nix, and just help on making it a story worth reading. And, of course, the usual extra eye for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.
    Permanent Y/N: I have another story in my head and if we find that we work well together I may ask you on...assuming I ever really get it down on paper.
    Summary: (I also need help with a summary...I suck at summaries.) It's a fic about what happens to Fred in the moments after his death.

    I really hope we can work together! I like your blunt and thorough style.

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