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I will take just about everything, except Poetry. There are many other betas who have more experience and could help you much better than I could. Also, tread carefully with Marauders fics. I won’t take them if they are centered around the Marauders (or OCs there for the sole purpose of falling in lurve with the Marauders), but other characters (such as Severus!) are perfectly fine. Everything else you can send right my way! (And I love Dark/Angst!)

I will do anything except Slash, Student/Teacher, and James/Lily. I especially love non-canon or unusual ships and ships (or just stories) involving my boys, Severus, George, Theodore, and Salazar. (Particularly, Sev/Lily, George/Angelina, and Salazar/Rowena). But as I said, I'll take everything (except those three).

Ratings and Warnings:

1st-7th Year: Just my thing!

Professors: Please take it to another beta. I am not always comfortable with some of the material in these fics, so another beta would be better for you.

Sexual Situations: I won’t take anything extremely graphic. It’s hard to explain where my line is with what I’m comfortable with and what I’m not, but if you have doubts, you might want to PM me an excerpt and I can say “yeah” or “nay”. If you don’t want to do that, you might want to find another beta.

Non-Consensual Sex and Dubious Consent: See the above. I will take it if it isn’t described too graphically, and if it is well-written. Please don’t use these as plot devices JUST to make it more dramatic. I do not like melodrama.

Slash and Student/Teacher: I would appreciate if you took these to another beta.

Alternate Universe: Why are you using this warning? Is it an interesting ‘what if’ scenario? Then send it my way! Is it an excuse to make characters act in ways they normally wouldn’t (OOC), in a situation OTHER than Humour? You probably shouldn’t send it to me. I’m likely to beat you over the head with a frying pan.

Abuse, Suicide, Mental Disorders, Self-Injury, and Substance-Abuse: I actually would love to beta stuff like this. I like stories that deal with mature themes, BUT (and this is a big but) it has to be well-written. Again, I do not like melodrama or just added into the characters past to make ‘characters more interesting’. Please do your research and describe things realistically. So send them my way, but expect me to be critical.

Anything else: It’s just my cup of tea!

One-shot or Chaptered:

All of the above!

Turn Around Time:

I *should* be able to get it back within a week (I generally get it back even sooner than that). But if I'm going to be longer, I will be sure to let you know.

Permanent Y/N:

If I take a chaptered fic, I would like to stay with it. I don’t like beta-ing single chapters (unless it is the first chapter), because I can’t really help plot-wise or comment-wise. But I will take single chapters, if you only want someone to look over grammar and spelling mistakes. Just let me know what you need. I don’t mind being a second or third beta either.


I like to consider myself pretty good at spelling and grammar. However, I think I’m best at sentence structure and flow. If something just doesn’t sound quite right, I will point it out to you with suggested fixing. Characterization of (most) canon characters and OCs. For more info, see comments on my beta-ing style.


Briticisms. I can check for spelling and I know a few words, but I am American so I can’t help that much.

Beta Experience:

I was in the Beta Guild a year or two back, but I went on hiatus. However, I am back and (hopefully) better than ever. I beta-ed many fics when I was here and even got nominated for Best Beta in the QSQs a couple of times.

Beta-ing Style:

I am an extremely picky reader and it comes forward in my beta-ing. I tend to leave lots of comments, pointing out the good, the bad, and the things I think might need to be tweaked. However, I try to give as much praise as I give critique, and a lot of them are more like ‘suggestions’ anyway. That being said, if you are looking for a really nice beta who will sugarcoat things, that's probably not me. I am honest (even brutally so) and open with critique, and that sometimes makes me sound harsh. So, if that's not something you want, maybe I'm not the beta for you. Also, I am a great beta if you want to bounce ideas off of or ask opinions or brainstorm. Just shoot me a PM/e-mail.

I like to see the fic a couple of times. The first time will be full of comments and corrections. The next time will be just to make sure I didn’t miss any errors or that errors weren’t created when changes were made (there’s a difference between revision and editing, and editing always comes last, as my English 102 teacher made us learn). I respect your wishes if you don’t want to send it back the second time, but I would really love it if you did.

Oh, and I use track changes on OpenOffice or color changes on Word (I used to do track changes on Word, but have a new laptop and a version of Word that doesn't let me do, yeah).

Method of Contact:

After you post here, I will PM you my email address. I’ve made one specifically for beta-ing (since things have a tendency to be lost in my main account), so you might want to PM me back to tell me it’s been sent.

Other Information:

I like chocolate. Not that you care. :P

Beta Works:

The Flawless Caper by Liandrin
Dark Was the Night by welshdevondragon
More Than a Divided Country by OliveOil_Med Chapter 2 and onward
Saving Dominique by U-No-Poo
Promises by Golden_snitch91
To Calm The Conscience by welshdevondragon
Haunted House: Dead by Northumbrian
Dark Was the Night by welshdevondragon

(List includes what I have beta-ed since returning to beta-ing, not my entire history. That would be much too lengthy)

If I've beta-ed for you, and your story is now up, PLEASE send me a link. I want to try to keep this updated.

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