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Thread: 10 Kisses: Day 10

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    Title: Last Chance Lover
    Warnings: Very Mild Profanity
    Rating: 3rd/5th Years
    Word Count: 100 (Word 07)
    Author’s Note: The character Jocunda Sykes was the first witch or wizard to complete a transatlantic flight on a broom in 1935. Miles Nimbus is an OC of mine who was the current owner of the company when she made her flight. Their romance had a long, complicated history, especially considering Jocunda flew an Oakshaft 79.

    “Guess who?”

    “How many guesses do I get?”

    “Three, but if you get it wrong the first time, I shall be quite wounded.”

    “Bollocks to that.”

    “Such language, my lady! Where did your sweet tongue learn such vile terminology?”

    “Probably from you.”

    “Damn straight.”

    Miles pulled Jocunda to his chest. “When’s your flight?”

    “Tomorrow morning, eight o’clock.”

    “Well, then, good luck.” A smile on his lips, he lowered his lips to hers, guided by instinct in candlelight. He had no idea if he would ever see her again, but they would have this one night together before she flew away.
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    10 Kisses: Day 10

    You have until 8:00 PM EST February 15 to submit an entry. Remember to read the rules! Please post your entry here! Feel free to also post it in your thread. However, if you want it to count towards the challenge it must be posted in this thread.

    Use the following header:
    PHP Code:
    b]Word Count:[/bWill be double-checked
    Warning note: This contest has been run before, please do NOT attempt to reuse your drabbles from the first time this was run. I will know as I do have access to the previous contest entries. You will be disqualified if you do.

    Type: Romantic
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    Title: Corridor
    Warnings: Could be interpreted as sexual innuendo, but its not I tell you!
    Rating: 3rd-5th
    Word Count: 100 (MSW07)

    “Alright, Ginny, truth or dare?” Hermione asked.
    “Truth,” Ginny replied.

    “Alright, tell me about your most romantic kiss”.

    “Oi!” Ron interjected, “I do not want to hear about anyone my sister has kissed”.

    “Well,” Ginny said with a smirk, “It had to have been that time that Harry and I had wandered to the Room of Requirement...”Ron turned red. “ We didn’t make it there, instead he grabbed my hand and kissed me right in the middle of the corridor. It was so romantic...” Ron breathed a sigh of relief.

    “Who knew you were such a romantic, Harry,” he smirked.
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    Title: Sea Breezes
    Warnings: Sexual situations
    Rating: 1st/ 2nd years
    Word Count: Will be double-checked! 100!

    It's Draco and Aiko! I haven't written about them in ages!

    “All right. Go on, open your eyes.”

    She stared out to the sea. They were on a shelf of black rock, surrounded by cliffs, towering maybe fifteen feet high. Turning, she saw a narrow path which Draco had delicately and carefully guided her through.

    “Lucy showed me this place,” Draco said, running his hand through Aiko’s hair. A puffin suddenly flew past them, it’s wings flapping madly. Draco laughed.

    “It is beautiful. It’s quiet,” Aiko said, even though the sea was roaring below them. She turned to smile at Draco, her smile widening as his lips drew closer to hers.
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    Title: The Second Date
    Warnings: too much fluff?
    Rating: 1-2
    Word Count: Two-Three-Three!

    'the second date'

    They are sitting on the balcony floor. Lily tucks the afghan under her feet when the cool breeze filters through the balustrade and numbs her hands.

    ‘Do you want to go back now?’ Lily catches the half-heartedness in his voice.

    When he told her that afternoon to meet him later, she’d taken off her watch and replaced it with a silver bracelet. They have been out here for a long time, and she’s sure its past curfew. ‘No.’ She smiles then out of surprise. Because she’s getting comfortable here and she thinks she doesn’t really want to say they should go unless he does.

    He stands up from beside her and walks the few steps to the railing. He’s very motionless for a few minutes, looking away into the inky expanse. A cloud moves, and the moonlight glimmers on the stone of the Astronomy Tower. ‘Oh ’ she hears him say softly.

    She gets herself up, drops the afghan on the floor. He turns slightly when he feels her standing behind him. ‘Where are you?’ she says smiling but feeling a little confused, a little lost. But suddenly the way he’s looking at her makes her think there might not be anymore conversation tonight.

    James is leaning towards her and Lily’s heart is like drumbeat in the silence. ‘On top of the world,’ he says and closes his eyes before he meets her lips.

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    Title: A Romantic Date
    Warnings: None
    Rating: 1st-2nd yr
    Word Count: 140 on MSW

    “You what?” asked Harry.

    “I took her to the cinema after the candlelit dinner,” repeated Ron. “I reckoned I should start doing a few Muggle things.”

    “And what did you see?” asked Harry incredulously.

    “A movie called Love Actually.”

    “What?” Harry’s lips were now twitching.

    “Something wrong with your hearing?” asked Ron. His ears were quickly turning red.

    Harry shook his head and coughed to hide his laughter. “How did it go?”

    “She loved it,” said Ron proudly. “She said it was the most wonderful thing I’d ever done for her.”

    “Well done, mate!”

    Ron relaxed. “Then I kissed her goodnight at her doorstep, which made it even more romantic, so we went inside-”

    “I don’t really need to hear about that, do I?” cut in Harry.

    “Er…not really,” Ron answered with a sheepish grin, though he looked rather pleased.

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    Title: A Moment of Tact
    Warnings: Sexual Situations - oh my!
    Rating: 3-5 year (look away, little kiddies)
    Word Count: 100 (word)
    Author's Note: *gasp* Did I write Ron/Hermione? *gasp* Well, yes, I did!

    And WHY do these have to end? They were too much fun!

    Ron pulled Hermione into his arms and began to administer his kisses, his hands trailing over the white satin of her wedding gown.

    “I meant it, you know,” he whispered against her neck.

    “Meant what?”

    “The part in my vows when I said I’d love you forever.”

    Hermione blinked back joyful tears. It was the most romantic thing he’d ever said to her.

    His kisses paused. “Hermione?”


    “Are you wearing a bra?”

    He really had been tactful for as long as he could, hadn’t he?

    Snorting derisively, she sat on the bed. “You’ll have to find out, won’t you?”

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    Title: Romantic Kiss
    Warnings: Slash
    Rating: 1-2 Years
    Word Count: Will be double-checked! 100 Words (MS Word '07)

    I'm stepping out of my comfort zone again and trying something new. For Alyssa.

    It started out as nothing. In fact, it was nothing, yet it had potential of something. It was all in his head. Books didn’t hold all his answers. A cold hand touched his. The visitor closed the door and sat on the edge of the bed. For the longest time, they stared at each other. What happened after this awkward silence? Well, Albus certainly had no idea and he was afraid to ask. It started out slow, and he hesitated long enough to pull back. On second thought, analyzing this to death ruined the moment, so he played by ear.

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    Title: Proposal
    Warnings: none
    Rating: 3/5th
    Word Count: 100 (Word)

    Continuing the Ron/Hermione trend...

    “Yes!” Hermione squealed, throwing herself into his arms

    Ron lost his balance and toppled from his kneeling position, landing on his bum with her on his lap. “Bloody hell, Hermione,” he laughed. “You made me drop the ring!”

    This stopped her celebration immediately, but it was no matter: he’d already found it and was opening the box again to show her.

    She beamed—first at the ring, then at Ron. “Will you put it on me?”

    He did, fumbling only a little.

    “It’s beautiful.”

    “Sure is,” he agreed. His eyes, however, were not on the ring as he kissed her.

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    Title: Summer Afternoons
    Warnings: Boys kissing
    Rating: 1st-2nd
    Word Count: 100, google docs

    He sometimes thinks that the most romantic kisses he has ever had, are also in some ways, the least passionate. They’re the ones where the love was much more intense than the lust. When he feels overly analytic, he wonders if that’s because he still feels guilty about the lust, about the blinding, confusing, teenage need of first love.

    So on those lonely winter nights, when he misses Gellert, he closes his eyes, and remembers a summer a long time ago: when soft lips kissed his temple, and when a soft, musical voice whispered, “Ich liebe dich” in his ear.

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