This question is might be hard to answer because I'm not sure if it is cannon or fannon, or even which book it came from if it is cannon. So please if I'm crazy and you have no idea what I'm talking about, please tell me.

Okay. Remember in DH where Wormtail's silver hand strangles him because as Harry said 'You owe me, Wormtail.' ? That was because of a Wizard's bond right? Because Harry spared Wormtail's life in one of the books, Wormtail owed him. I seem to remember Dumbledore explaining this to Harry in one of the books.

I know the exerpt is in one of the books. It is in either PoA, GOF, OOTP, HBP, or DH. Ha. You guys probably want to strangle me. But I really don't know. I've been flipping through the books all day and can't find it. Yet. I'm only on GOF.

Can anyone tell me the exact exerpt? And what book it is in?