Title: Transfiguration Homework
Warnings: Sexual Innuendo
Rating: 3rd/5th years
Word Count: 100 (Microsoft Word)

“Guess who Anthony Goldstien was snogging yesterday after Charms Club?” Vicky mock-whispers to us.
“You’re joking!” Demelza gasps. “I thought he was seeing Lisa Turpin!”
I attempt to focus Transfiguration, but Vicky’s love life is so much more interesting than my textbook. “Nah, they broke up a few weeks ago.” I pitch in.
Demelza rolls her eyes, “They’ve been on and off for months.”
“Not anymore.” Vicky says proudly.
“So that’s why you weren’t at dinner?” I ask curiously.
“Instead of eating you had your tongue stuck in Anthony Goldstein's mouth? Vicky, that’s gross!” I cringe at the mental picture.