All right. So, I'm writing this scene that's placed at the Burrow. I was wondering whether Arthur or whoever added onto the house whenever another kid came along. Or, would it be too strange for the place to be purchased that way? I know that sounds ridiculous in my head.

As for the layout, I like the one given in in the HPL, but that could or could not be tied into canon. Any suggestions on the layout?

Also, assuming that it was renovated here and there, could the master bedroom originally been on a lower landing? Where?

How often would it have been renovated?

I'm one of eight kids, personally, so I shared a room till I got my own place. Do you like Molly and Arthur might have compromised for a while since they kids were younger and smaller?

The piece is set in 1979, so there's no Ron or Ginny. My main concerns, I guess, are the master bedroom and Bill's room.

Any suggestions? Help me, please, I'm stuck again.