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Thread: 10 Kisses: Day 7

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    Title: Don't You Ever Forget
    Warnings: None
    Rating: 1st-2nds
    Word Count: 100 (word07)

    They sat on the grass just staring at the stars, enjoying what little time they had left with each other.

    “You know I have to leave,” the boy turned to her, locking his blue eyes with hers. “And I probably won’t come back”.

    “I know,” the girl chocked, trying to hide the tears, trying to be strong. The boy collected her in his arms, and kissed her ever so gently, allowing his lips to linger upon her.

    “I love you, don’t you ever forget that”. He stood up, and turned to leave, hoping that the kiss wouldn’t be their last.
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    10 Kisses: Day 7

    You have until 10:00 PM EST February 12 to submit an entry. Remember to read the rules! Please post your entry here! Feel free to also post it in your thread. However, if you want it to count towards the challenge it must be posted in this thread.

    Use the following header:
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    Warning note: This contest has been run before, please do NOT attempt to reuse your drabbles from the first time this was run. I will know as I do have access to the previous contest entries. You will be disqualified if you do.

    Type: Last
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    Midnight Storm
    Title: In The End
    Warnings: Character Death
    Rating: 1st - 2nd
    Word Count: 100 a la Word 07

    ‘Lily, take Harry and go! It’s him! Go! Run! I’ll hold him off –’

    I run up to the furthest room, cradling my baby. My heart thuds in my chest. I’m trapped.

    I hear his high-pitched voice floating up from downstairs. ‘Avada Kedavra.’

    James is dead. Harry and I will die. It’s all over.

    In vain I try to barricade myself in, but I know the attempt is futile. I have no wand, and I have no way to protect my child.

    ‘I’m sorry, Harry,’ I say as I give him my last kiss, as death comes up the stairs.
    First line stolen from DH, p281 of British hardcover.

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    Title: News
    Warnings: Implied Character Death
    Rating: 1st/2nd Years
    Word Count: 100 (MsW07)

    “Don’t be late this time!” Ginny shouted after kissing Harry’s cheek. He sprinted out the door for work, not even breaking stride to give her a quick wave.

    Ginny looks up at the clock. It isn’t like her mother’s clock; she refuses to allow fear to rule her life. Besides, the only one she has to worry about is Harry, and for good reason — he’s three hours late. He promised he would be on time, but he always breaks this promise.

    A knock sounds at the door; it is an Auror. “Mrs Potter, I’m afraid I have some bad news...”
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    Title: The Unspoken Answer
    Warnings: DH Spoiler
    Rating: 1st/2nd Years
    Word Count: 100 (MsW07)

    '' Rose, '' Scorpius murmured as he brushed aside his girlfriend's hair. '' I need to go now. ''

    '' Why? '' Rose frowned as she pulled away from his tight grasp.

    '' People might see us. ''

    '' Who cares about them? ''

    '' I'm sorry Rose, perhaps, it's time for us to end this. ''

    '' What do you mean? ''

    Without even answering, Scorpius kissed her before walking away. As she stared at his retreating figure. Rose tried to suppress her anger. It had been such a passionate kiss just now.

    Why must it be their last?
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    Title: Good at Charms
    Warnings: Character Death, Slash
    Rating: 1st-2nd
    Word Count: 100, MS Word 04

    Scorpius had died like a good Gryffindor and an Auror: fighting to the very last. That was what his ‘other’ partner, Jeremy, had said anyway. The man had brought Scorpius’s letter and left almost an hour earlier, but Albus still couldn’t bear to open it. Scorpius was dead.

    Finally, Albus broke the seal, opening his boyfriend’s last letter. Scorpius had written it years ago, just in case something happened on the job.

    Scorpius had charmed it, so his voice read the letter, telling him goodbye. At the very end, Albus could feel Scorpius’s lips against his, for the last time.

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    Title: Teddy’s Goodbye
    Warnings: Character Death
    Rating: 1st-2nd Years
    Word Count: 100 – MS Word 2010

    Victoire gave him a quick peck on the cheek before running towards the train. Teddy followed on her heels; she was leaving in a few seconds and he intended to make the most of them.

    “Victoire wait!” Teddy grabbed onto the handrail and swung himself on board, pulling her into a bruising kiss. “Now that was a proper goodbye.”

    Victoire screamed and dropped the letter, upsetting her drink in the process. It was quickly being stained with pumpkin juice, but Dominique could still make out the most important line of text.

    “…Teddy Lupin has died during a routine training exercise.”
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    Title: Goodbye.
    Warnings: None
    Rating: 1st-2nd yr
    Word Count: 100 on MSW.

    He knew she would have never let him go.

    As he watched her succumbing to the mild sleeping potion he’d mixed in her drink, he trembled. She was beautiful after so many years, and stronger than he had ever been. He felt guilty, but he had to do this. Now that her crazy sister was out on the loose, he knew he couldn’t risk it. If he had to die, he didn’t want to die in front of her.

    He tenderly kissed her lips, knowing that it would be the last time. Then, whispering that he loved her, he Disapparated.

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    Title: A Good One
    Warnings: none
    Rating: 3/5th
    Word Count: 100 (Word)

    “I don’t suppose a long-distance thing would work?”

    Charlie gave her a knowing look.

    “Right. Neither of us is really suited for that.”

    “It’s not easy for me, either,” he said, rubbing circles on the back of her hand with his thumb.

    She turned her hair a nice shade of blue. “It’s a right shame, losing to a bunch of dragons.”

    “Aw, Tonks. You didn’t lose.”

    He was right. She’d always known he would fly away eventually. “Well, kiss me, at least. And make it a good one, will you?”

    He grinned and obliged.

    Then somehow, she let him go.

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    Title: A Kiss In The Dark
    Warnings: none
    Rating: 1st-2nd
    Word Count: 100 (Word)

    The rain makes it appear as though it is still night, but morning has come and it brings with it terrible things. Things like goodbye.

    “Wait, Salazar!” Rowena reaches his side, breathless, rain-soaked.

    He turns toward her, his apologies written in his eyes. Apologies, because they both know what he is about to do.

    “Please, don’t go!”

    “There is no other way.”

    She does not argue. She cannot deny the truth.

    But still she pleads, “Please, stay with me.”

    He seeks her lips in the darkness.

    He finds them.

    Then he is gone, his last kiss lingering on her lips.

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