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Thread: 10 Kisses: Day 4

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    10 Kisses: Day 4

    You have until 8:00 AM EST February 10Because I was unable to post last night, I have extended this day’s deadline.
    to submit an entry. Remember to read the rules! Please post your entry here! Feel free to also post it in your thread. However, if you want it to count towards the challenge it must be posted in this thread.

    Use the following header:
    PHP Code:
    b]Word Count:[/bWill be double-checked
    Warning note: This contest has been run before, please do NOT attempt to reuse your drabbles from the first time this was run. I will know as I do have access to the previous contest entries. You will be disqualified if you do.

    Type: Outside during a heavy snow
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    Sailing Girl
    Title: Let it Snow
    Warnings: None
    Rating: 1st-2nd years
    Word Count: 100 (MS Word 07)

    The year Albus turned fifteen brought the heaviest snow that Britain had seen for twenty years. It was freezing cold outside, but that didn’t daunt any of the students. He was making snowballs, when he saw two people huddled together near the Herbology greenhouses.

    Creeping closer, he realised that it was a boy and a girl, and that the boy was his elder brother, James. He watched, vaguely disgusted, as his brother leant in and kissed the girl on the lips. With a grin, he constructed a snowball, then flung it at his brother and ran away quickly, laughing manically.

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    Title: On the Tip of the Tongue
    Warnings: None
    Rating: 1st/2nd Years
    Word Count: 100 (MSW07)

    “Can we go back inside? It’s bloody cold out here!”

    Ignoring James, Lily said, “Not just yet. I want to catch one on my tongue.”

    “How can you miss? It’s coming down in buckets.” James rubbed his arms, trying to keep warm. “Please?”

    Lily turned to him. “Fine. You know I can’t say no when you beg.”

    James pulled her close to him. “I know I’m not a snowflake, but —” He trailed soft kisses down her jaw before caressing her lips with his. “You can catch me.”

    “I already have you.” Lily darted her tongue to trap her snowflake.
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    Title: White
    Rating: 3rd.5th
    Word Count: 100 (Word)

    The cold didn’t touch her.

    After the dancing, he’d wrapped his cloak about her bare shoulders and led her outside, into the white haze of a snowy night. And now, pressed against him under the canopy of tree branches in the garden, Hannah was warm enough. They kissed and kissed, bumping cold noses and breathing against one another’s skin. They got reacquainted, exploring things they had not shared in Herbology or DA meetings.

    When they broke for a breath, she smiled, glancing up at his hair. “You look like a snowman.”

    He shook it away, laughing, and kissed her again.

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    Title: Church Bells
    Warnings: None
    Rating: 1st/2nd years
    Word Count: 100 exactly (Word)

    The snow had been falling for hours, thicker and faster than he had ever seen snow fall before. He was not sure how long he had been standing on the steps waiting but he had promised to meet her at the gate.

    Behind him he heard the Church bell ringing. She should be here by now.

    And then, suddenly, emerging out of the white, a figure came towards him, hood down, dark hair covered in snow. She apologised furiously, but he didn’t care.

    He kissed her warmly at the church gate and said, “Ready to become Mrs Malfoy?”

    She nodded.
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    Title: Cliche
    Warnings: None
    Rating: 1st/2nd years
    Word Count: 100 (Word)

    “George Weasley, it’s freezing!” she blinked through the heavy snow, barely able to see past the flakes in her eyelashes. “And you’re not wearing a cloak!”

    He laughed and came close. “I have other means of keeping myself warm.” He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

    She felt a little winded, but did her best not to show it. “You’re crazy!” she snapped, her breath leaving her mouth like steam.

    He grinned cheekily and slipped his hands into her snow-coated hair. “About you maybe.”

    Before she could lecture him about tired clichés, he leaned forward and warmed her lips with his own.

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    Title: Drama
    Warnings: None
    Rating: 1st-2nd
    Word Count: 100 (Word 07)

    Lily was tired of all the drama. She knew that dating Scorpius was taking a risk. Regardless of everything that had happened, all of her family was in Gryffindor, and Scorpius was a Slytherin. The one thing she knew was that at Hogwarts, Gryffindors and Slytherins do not mix.

    Lily ran through the blowing snow in the Hogwarts grounds and went and leaned against her favourite tree. As she stared out across the Great Lake, she felt a pair of arms turn her around. She barely had time to register what was going on before his lips fell against hers.
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    Title: Snow Kiss
    Warnings: None
    Rating: 1-2 Years
    Word Count: Will be double-checked! 100 Words (MS Word 2007)

    “So, how did it go?”

    “Cold.” Neville rubbed his hands together and leaned up against the wall.

    Hannah rolled her eyes and set the laden try on the ground. She had been picking up empty bottles when he showed up. “That’s not what I meant.”

    “Cold is cold,” he said, shrugging. Hannah stood up and wiped her hands on her robes.

    She shook her head and snowflakes flew everywhere. “Got a dandruff problem? They have stuff for that, you know.”


    “Oh, yes, that,” he said, giving her a quick peck on the cheek. “I got the job. Gotta go.”

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    Title: Why
    Warnings: slight slash
    Rating: 1st-2nd
    Word Count: 100, Google docs

    “Why did you think it was a good idea to try and play Quidditch in this mess?” Albus complained as they tried to walk out to the pitch in the heavy snow that was still falling.

    Scorpius, whose longer legs had let him move a bit faster, glanced back at him. Albus thought that his friend looked nervous. Maybe. It was hard to tell under the scarf and hat.

    “I just wanted to get you out of the castle for a second,” Scorpius said finally.

    “Why?” Albus asked.

    Scorpius leaned in and kissed him and there was no more why.

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