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Thread: 10 Kisses: Day 3

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    10 Kisses: Day 3

    You have until 8:00 PM EST February 8
    to submit an entry. Remember to read the rules! Please post your entry here! Feel free to also post it in your thread. However, if you want it to count towards the challenge it must be posted in this thread.

    Use the following header:
    PHP Code:
    b]Word Count:[/bWill be double-checked
    Warning note: This contest has been run before, please do NOT attempt to reuse your drabbles from the first time this was run. I will know as I do have access to the previous contest entries. You will be disqualified if you do.

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    Title: Floating
    Warnings: None
    Rating: 1st-2nd Years
    Word Count: 100 (Word07)

    Hermione floated down the stairs into the Entrance Hall, or floated as well as she could, given it was her, and given she was wearing a dress. Tonight was the Yuleball, and nothing was going to ruin this night for her; it’s not every day one attends a dance with a famous Quidditch player. Hermione climbed down the last few steps and walked over to her date, who was standing by the doors of the Great Hall.

    “You look beautiful,” Viktor told her, as he lifted her hand to his lips. Hermione blushed, enjoying the feeling of her tingling hand.
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    Title: My Lady’s Refusal
    Warnings: None
    Rating: 1st/2nd Years
    Word Count: 100 a la MS Word 07

    “Are you attending the Ministry fundraiser ball?”

    Amelia Bones narrowed her eyes ay Augustus Rookwood. “Most likely. But not with you.”

    His lips curled into a smile that made her insides chill in apprehension. Amelia wasn’t sure why she didn’t like Augustus — he was amicable enough — but there was just something about him that didn’t sit well with her. The next thing that happened did nothing to alleviate that.

    “You wound me, lady,” he said as he raised her hand to his lips, brushing his mouth against her skin ever-so-lightly. “I’m a valuable ally. A shame you can’t see that.”
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    Title: The Tables Are Turning
    Warnings: Bill's power of seduction.
    Rating: 1st-2nd yr
    Word Count: 100 exactly on MS Word. Contains neither ellipses nor dashes.

    She knows that boys, even men, would willingly duel to press their lips upon the perfumed skin of her hand. It has always been like that, and things aren’t different at Hogwarts.

    But what confounds her is this: this man, this tall, handsome man who has long red hair, who has appeared out of nowhere, has just kissed her hand, and she is the one left wanting for more. The prize that she set for others has become her goal.

    This is the moment when she realizes she has met her match, and she won’t stop until he is hers.

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    Title: Waltzing
    Warnings: implied slash
    Rating: 1st-2nd
    Word Count: 100, google docs

    The glade is empty, and it is perfect. He smiles and with a wave of his wand summons up some music. He remembered your fondness for classical, particularly for chamber music. The first piece ends, and there is a brief moment of silence, then the music starts again. He takes your hand, and brushes his lips against your knuckles, a lingering kiss. You feel a blush rising in your cheeks.

    “I’m older than you. And taller too,” you point out, as he puts his hand on your waist.

    He shrugs. “You don’t know how to waltz, so I should lead.”

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    Padfoot Patronus
    Title: Bark
    Warnings: Slash, Implied sexual content
    Rating: 6-7th year
    Word Count: 175 MsWord

    He’s dozing contently under the oak tree after their Transfiguration paper, his book bag serving as a pillow against the trunk. His fingers are interlaced on his stomach and he taps them lightly in rhythm to the song he is humming. There is a sensation on his hand and he opens his eyes in surprise. Sirius is lying next to him, leaning on an elbow. The tip of his tongue is touching his upper lip, hiding a grin behind it.

    Remus raises his eyebrows. Then he moves his bag a little to make it more comfortable, looking in fact for an excuse to look away from the way Sirius’s eyes are boring into his. Remus settles again and shuts his eyes. ‘There might be other people around, behave would you?’

    Sirius’s bark like laughter rings in the open field.

    ‘I’m sorry?’ he mutters, shifting uneasily on the grass.

    ‘Did you say you disapprove of our location, Moony?’ Sirius says, his breath brushing close to Remus’s ear and burning red the skin of his neck.

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    Title: Strapless
    Warnings: none
    Rating: 3rd-5th years
    Word Count: 100 - Word 2008 for Mac

    Something sparked in him as she walked carefully down the stairs. She was wearing a strapless navy blue dress that came to just above her knee. George took her hand as she reached the bottom step, wobbling slightly on the uneven floorboards.

    “Trust Ginny to lend me these ridiculous shoes,” she said. “They’re going to be the death of me.”

    George laughed, pulling her closer.

    “And me!”

    “Don’t worry, Weasley,” replied Hermione as he raised her hand to his lips, kissing it lightly. “I won’t step on your feet.”

    “That’s not what I meant,” quipped George, winking at her suggestively.

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    Sailing Girl
    Title: Acquaintances
    Warnings: None
    Rating: 1st-2nd years
    Word Count: 110 (MS Word 07)

    “Well, I’ll let you two get acquainted,” Narcissa Malfoy smiled slyly, before sweeping through the open door and closing it softly behind her.

    “She’s still listening, isn’t she?” murmured Astoria, turning to look at Draco.

    “Yes.” Draco’s reply was just as soft. Astoria turned back to the door and folded her arms across her stomach.

    She stood completely still for a moment, before turning around to face Draco again, only to find he was standing right behind her. She gasped, making him smirk.

    “I hope we’ll be seeing a little more of each other,” he bent down over Astoria’s hand and kissed it, then straightened up and left the room.

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    Title: A Hand Up
    Warnings: none
    Rating: 1-2nd
    Word Count: 100 (Word)

    Ron screwed up his face. “How come every time I put on dress robes, this guy shows up?”

    “He’s got Ministry connections,” Hermione whispered. “Try to be nice.”

    Ron crossed his arms and tried to be taller. “I’m always nice.”

    Viktor approached and took Hermione’s hand. “You look vonderful.”

    “Wrong one,” Ron said crossly.

    Viktor glanced up, confused.

    “Wrong hand.”

    Viktor hesitated, bringing Hermione’s other hand tenderly to his lips. As he kissed it, he saw a sparkle. She wore a small but lovely diamond on the third finger.

    Ron felt completely delighted with himself as he accepted Viktor’s congratulations.

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    Title: Hammocks
    Warnings: None
    Rating: 1st-2nd years
    Word Count: 100 (MS word 2008 for Mac)

    I’m sure he is fast asleep.

    I slip back into the Room of Requirement, tiptoeing so as not to alert anyone to my presence. Fortunately I’m in the bottom row of hammocks, so I don’t need to climb over anyone to get in bed. I crawl into my hammock, snuggling deep into my old, soft quilt.

    Above me, Neville shifts and rolls over in his hammock. His hand slips over the side. I sit up in my hammock and hold his hand, kissing it lightly.

    It is only when he squeezes my hand back that I realize he is awake.

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