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Thread: Muggles and the Hogwarts Express

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    Muggles and the Hogwarts Express

    I've been thinking (which is never a good thing) and is it possible for muggles to get on platform 9 3/4? I'm not talking about just regular people (that's basically what the whole protection is for) but I'm talking about parents of Muggleborns or half bloods. Because of their child would they be allowed on 9 3/4?

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    I'm sure they would be. I mean I'm pretty sure there's a mention of Hermione's parents being on the platform. Of course a witch or wizard will have had to have told them how to get on but I think it would be pretty cruel for the parents not to get to wave their children goodbye.
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    I agree it would be cruel. But I just wanted to be sure. thanks!

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    They can; in The Prince's Tale, Lily's parents and Petunia (I think) are mentioned as being on the platform.

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    They would have to be allowed. Parents would hate not being able to say goodbye, and the first years would find it especially hard as usually people don't feel like they're leaving until right before they leave.

    Maybe they have set it up so that if you know that the platform is there then you can get through. Sort of like a Fidilus charm but more general?? Dumbledore or whoever would tell the muggleborn students parents the location and then they could get through? Hagrid just forgot to tell Harry but when Mrs Weasley told Harry he could then get through?
    There would have to be a way to stop the general person from leaning on the barrier and falling through.

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