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Thread: Re-awakening the Library

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    Re-awakening the Library

    I was browsing on the site, and I noticed that the Library Forum seems to have died. Could we maybe restart the disscussions or change the way it's set up so that people can just disscuss Harry Potter and parts of the book in general? I wasn't here when the disscussions stopped, but if it's a problem of people not wanting to participate, I would be willing.
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    I second this suggestion! Actually I was thinking about it the other day. Discussing was fun, to be honest.

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    Rose Nym

    I third this!

    As a "Library Brat", I strongly support anything involving libraries, whether real or fictional. This Library forum sounds great, and I would probably not be able to stop myself participating if and when it becomes available. But I know the mods are incredibly busy, so if this can't happen, I'm fine. (Trying to imagine being a mod, and getting a headache. I really appreciate you)

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