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Thread: FanFiction iPod App!

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    Scarlet Steam Engine

    FanFiction iPod App!

    I know there's a mugglenet app, but it would be so much better if we had an app where we could save stories to read without having to use wifi, or post one shots written on notes, or have an iPod version of the BetaBoards.
    I know you can go on the fanfiction site if you have wifi, but it's not really very easy to use on iPods, and an iPod made app would be alot easier!
    Thanks, Tim.

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    Scarlet Steam Engine
    Alright thats fine
    It was just an idea anyway.
    I'll try the FileApp thing.
    Thanks for your help,

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    I'm just representing my own opinion as a mod here, not that of the entire team.

    The sort of App you're describing does sound useful, but it would be quite a lot of work to code it especially since I don't know whether we've got anyone on the mod/admin team currently that is really able to do that.

    You can just save stories on your computer and transfer them to your iPod with Apps like FileApp etc. and read them on there anyway.

    As far as posting stories from notes I'm quite certain that that would just result in many rejections anyway. You can't check your spelling, punctuation and formatting properly that way. You definitely wouldn't have had it betaed.
    There's nothing keeping you from writing stuff on your iPod, emailing it to yourself, and then submitting.

    I realise that both my suggestions are more complicated than an app that just combines everything would be, but it's definitely possible to do everything you're asking (except the iPod adapted Beta Boards) without a special app. Considering how much work it would probably be for us to code an app like that, I think you might want to settle for those alternatives for the moment.
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    Due to the thoroughness of Kara's post, I am closing this thread.

    I think everything was covered, point-wise.

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