I'm starting this thread mainly because nearly every story I read on the Marauders has Sirius as a
player who doesn't care about anyone/
caring soul who hides his true nature from him friends/
stupid prat/
amazingly intelligent, handsome and generally faultless.
Sometimes, all four characteristics are shown at once in a story, which gives me a headache.

Most of these stories then end with Sirius falling madly in love with one of Lily's friends, and him stopping being a prat because his girlfriend has changed him. Sometimes, they even get married.

I'm not saying that this is a bad thing, but when a story has Lily and James falling in love, them Sirius and one of Lily's friends, then Remus and a third friend of Lily's and finally Peter and the fourth member of Lily's gang, I think this is beginning to get a little Mary-Sue.

Especially as Peter is a bit of a social leper, from what i've heard (and read. Is this canon, or fanfic?)

So, I was just wondering about what other people think of these questions....

1) If Sirius fell in love with someone, would he be true to them, or two-time them?

2) If Sirius fell in love with one of Lily's 'rule-following' friends, would he show his love, or just stay put?

3) What kind of girl would be Sirius' type? (Sporty, clever....)

4) How long would Sirius give a relashionship before breaking it off?

Thank you in advance