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Thread: Teddy Lupin fics?

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    Midnight Storm

    Teddy Lupin fics?

    I just read Muggles, Magic and Misconceptions by Equinox Chick, and have now decided that I actually do quite like Teddy Lupin fics. Anybody know any good ones? Preferably chaptered, but I don't really mind.

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    Well, in terms of stories featuring Teddy, the most notable ones on the site are Hogwarts Houses Divided by Inverarity and A Little More Time by Pallas. Both are chaptered, and although ALMT is not as lengthy (98K), HHD is quite long (200+K).
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    Jess wrote a lovely fic about Teddy and Harry called All The Time in the World. Carole has another one called Snowball Fights. And I wrote a holiday fic for Teddy called A Visit from Father Christmas.
    I need to read A Little More Time, I've heard great things about it...
    Hope that gives you a few more!

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    At the moment i'm reading A Little More Time and i'm really enjoying it.

    Coolh5000 has written a few Teddy one shots
    This is a quote from her Author Page with links to the 3 stories
    While most of my stories work as standalone one shots, I have been planning and writing a series of Teddy Lupin one-shots. They do not fit together as such, but are all set in the same 'world' and some may make references to others. Therefore they are best to read chronologically (by the age Teddy is when they are set, rather than the order they were posted as I was inspired by different things at different times). I only have three up at the moment, but have more planned. The current best order to read them in is:

    -->The Balancing Act-->Loved and Lost-->A Proper Goodbye
    Hope that helped

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    There's a pretty good Teddy Lupin at Hogwarts series I read a long time ago outside of MNFF written by Fernwithy. The author's site also has a number of excellent short stories, and a good Remus/Tonks series.

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    Coolh5000 edit: Link removed to comply with forum rules (found here). Please do not post outside links - if you wish to recommend fics not posted on MNFF then either give links via PM or give just author names for other users to search for themselves online.

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    I like Teddy Lupin and would have jumped in here with A Little More Time which is the only fic truly worth the word 'awesome'. (My flist will know how much that cost me.)

    Jenny b has a glorious oneshot called I Still Remember which is Teddy/Victoire.


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    I have one called Magnolia Trees that's a Teddy/Victoire one-shot. Yes, I just linked you to my own story

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