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Thread: Mad Eye Moody Fic

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    Mad Eye Moody Fic

    Hi. I'm looking for a fic about Moody's missing year. We all know he was locked in his trunk during GoF, but what else happened to him? What did he think, how did he use the bathroom?

    Has anyone seen a fic like this? Preferably not humor or poetry.


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    I can't find a fic with those specifics, but possibly the finest Moody writer on this site is Prof Posky who has written several stories about him

    Muggle Matters


    Muggling Along


    Loss is the Colour of my True Love's Eye


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    I've read almost every Moody fic I've ever come across. I don't recall ever seeing one that talks about him in the trunk. Mind, there have been periods of time when I wasn't checking new fics that frequently and something could have slipped by me easily, but from what I've seen very few fics come through about him - I probably saw as many in response to a recent challenge as I'd previously seen overall.

    I do have a chapter in Muggle Matters where comes home after the year in his trunk. You might find that interesting. It won't answer the sewage question, but you may have given me a plot bunny there...


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