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Thread: Different Years of Schooling

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    Different Years of Schooling

    We know that Hogwarts starts taking on students at age eleven, and a lot of other European schools do too, but the other night I got to wondering. Do all schools in the world start students at age eleven?mIt doesn't seem very likely. We know that Muggle schools all over the world have different ages when they start school. South Korean children don't begin primary school until they're eight!

    I'm just asking, do you think this is a possibility, and would it differ for different countries and continents?

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    As in magical schools? I think that if it's a total different school then you'd have totally free rein with what age you want them to start. Where I'm from, we don't have any sort of school starting at age 11. There's elementary school which you start the year you turn 4 (usually) then highschool, which you start the year you turn 14 (if you pass everything and such). In fact, the programme I'm in doesn't start until the year you turn 16 (in September) where I'm from (well, you start a introduction into the programme at 14, but it isn't until 16 that you're actually in it), but in other countries, it starts as early as 4! So I really think it's up to you. Perhaps some countries start them younger, but teach them basic reading and such. If you're creating a new school, I say it's yours to decide when they start
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    Neville didn't show signs of being magical (his family was afraid he was a Squib) for awhile. So it's possible that it takes until about 11 for a person's magical ability to develop into something that they can really use.

    Also, it would depend on what the school taught. Presumably everyone who didn't go to Muggle school got some kind of reading and writing before going to Hogwarts. If magical school started at e.g. six or seven, then the school would have a much greater responsibility towards teaching "the basics".

    But sure, why not? There's no reason it couldn't be younger or older as long as curriculum and Muggle-born adaptation issues were dealt with.

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