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Thread: 10 Kisses: Day 1

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    10 Kisses: Day 1

    Day 1

    You have until 4:00 PM EST February 6 to submit an entry.

    Remember to read the rules!

    Please post your entry here! Feel free to also post it in your thread. However, if you want it to count towards the challenge it must be posted in this thread.

    Use the following header:

    PHP Code:
    b]Word Count:[/bWill be double-checked
    Warning note: This contest has been run before, please do NOT attempt to reuse your drabbles from the first time this was run. I will know as I do have access to the previous contest entries. You will be disqualified if you do.

    Type: Butterfly

    Note: Today, tomorrows, and possibly Mondays deadlines will be slightly more than 24 hours. Once I can get them to about 7 PM EST, that is where they will stay. Which should be for either Monday or Tuesdays drabble.
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    Title: Puppies and Butterflies
    Warnings: Light slash. Boy kissing boy.
    Rating: 3rd-5th.
    Word Count: 100. Counted by hand with mid-day and auburn-haired as one each.

    They lie sprawled together in an empty quiet glade, like a pair of energetic puppies who had finally decided to go to sleep. They had gone looking for a treasure, but had found something even more precious. The blond glances over to his auburn-haired friend, still napping in the mid-day sun. Gellert gently kisses Albus’s eyelids, barely touching them like a butterfly’s wing grazing his friend’s face. Albus smiles a bit wider and Gellert wonders if he is truly asleep. One last soft, sweet butterfly kiss, and then Gellert lies back down, his head on Albus’s shoulder.

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    Title: Butterflies and Hurricanes
    Warnings: None
    Rating: 3rd-5th Years
    Word Count: 100

    Hermione walked down the corridor from her Arithmancy lesson, she sighed and pulled her bag onto her shoulder, as usual it was incredibly heavy.

    Suddenly Hermione felt someone grab her wrist and pull her to the side, she tried to cry out but a hand flew over her mouth. Hermione’s world span like a Hurricane, before she felt her back hit a wall and a pair of soft lips crush against hers. She pulled away “Draco!” she gasped, letting her bag drop to the floor and shivered as Draco pulled her closer and traced a butterfly pattern on her back.

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    Title: Free as a Butterfly
    Warnings: None
    Rating: 1st-2nd
    Word Count: 100 (From MS Word 07)

    Lily Potter leaned over her baby son as she held him. He looked up at his mother with his bright green eyes, pulling on her hair. She giggled softly to herself, and leaned down, fluttering her eyelashes against the young boy’s cheek. The child giggled, creating a warm feeling in the pit of her stomach. She jumped slightly as she felt soft butterfly kisses on the back of her neck, and turned to see her husband, James, standing behind her.

    “Someday, I hope he has a chance to be free from the war and be as free as a butterfly”.
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    Title: Whisper in Her Mind
    Warnings: None
    Rating: 1st/2nd Years
    Word Count: 100 according to Word 07 (which version it is oddly enough does matter)

    “Lily! Time to come in!”

    Seven-year-old Lily Potter heard her mum hollering from the porch, but it was only a whisper in her mind. She didn’t want to go back inside; being outside was much more fun.

    One more insistent yell made Lily sigh and resignedly start her slow trudge to tea and lessons, but as she took her first step, a fluttering array of colours landed on her face. She held out her hand, and the butterfly stepped into her palm, and she brushed her lips across its gossamer wing a second before it flew into the setting sun.
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    Title: Butterfly Kisses
    Warnings: None
    Rating: 1-2 Years
    Word Count: Will be double-checked! 100 Words (Microsoft 07)

    The door was cracked open and a smile touched her lips.

    “Kid, you’re wearing me down.”

    The man kicked off his shoes and climbed into the bed with his small son. Leo wasn’t an affectionate man. He acted like a completely different person round his boy, though, especially when he was down. He draped the afghan over them and ruffled his locks. Leo wiped the sweat of his damp neck, making him giggle as he relieved the pain again and again with a remedy of a tickling fit and bedtime smooches.

    “Joss?” he whispered. “I’ll never let anything hurt you.”

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    *emerges from hiatus* I couldn't resist. The prompt was too cute.

    Title: Daddy's Little Girl
    Warnings: None
    Rating: 1-2 Years
    Word Count: 100


    Arthur sighed, his hand upon the door knob.

    “Yes, Ginny?” he asked, quietly, trying to keep a hold on his diminishing patience.

    Ginny giggled. “Daddy, come here.”

    Arthur sighed and turned to look at her. She looked up at him, all innocent eyes and wide smile. Wearily, Arthur walked back to her bedside and crouched beside her.

    “What is it, Ginny?”

    “I have a secret for you, Daddy!”

    She pulled his face close to hers. Arthur, waiting for the ‘secret’, was surprised when a light fluttering of eyelashes brushed against his cheek.

    “I love you, Daddy,” she whispered. “Goodnight.”
    *goes back to hiatus*

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    Title: Butterfly Kisses
    Warnings: None
    Rating: 1st-2nd Years
    Word Count: 100

    She felt a gentle tickling on her nose and smiled. It was how she had been awakened every day for as long as she could remember; Luna’s first memory was of her mother laughing as she fluttered her eyelids against her daughter’s face.

    After the accident, she thought she would never awake to that sensation again, but the same gossamer thread continued to pull from her dreams each morning. She imagined her mother slipping between worlds with the sunrise to be with her daughter, like a character in the old stories. Some rituals, Luna reasoned, were more important than death.

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    Title: Butterfly Kisses
    Warnings: none
    Rating: 3-5th
    Word Count: (Will be double-checked!) 100 in MS Word

    The funeral is over, and we stand at the grave with his family. He never lets go of me now. He holds me to him in a kind of side hug, his forehead dipping down to rest against my temple. He’s no longer crying, but I feel his breath and another kind of sweet whisper on my skin.

    He pulls back and looks at me. “You smiled.”

    “I’m sorry.”


    “You just… you accidentally…”

    He doesn’t understand, but now is not the time.

    “I’ll tell you later,” I promise, moving back into his embrace as his arms tighten around me.

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