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Thread: Why do Muggle-borns go on the run in DH?

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    Why do Muggle-borns go on the run in DH?

    I was just wondering, why do Muggle-borns go one the run in DH? I mean in some cases, like in Ted Tonk's case, they have to leave their home and family. But why do they not just set up another life somewhere else rather than be continually on the move. Voldemort's rounding up of Muggle-borns seems to rely on sporadic raids and luck rather than thorough investigation so it would be reasonably easy for a Muggle-born to just set up themselves in a Muggle area, rather than always be on the move.

    Is there any reason you can think of as to why this would not have been possible?

    I considered the idea that it would mean they would have to stop using magic, because magic seems to be detectable if it occurs in a Muggle area. However surely if a wizard's life depended on it he would be able to stop using magic? Or do you think wizards and witches would get ill/ be personally affected if they are prevented from using magic?

    Any ideas?
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    Well, we don't know that some Muggle-borns didn't leave and set up a new life somewhere. But setting up a new life would money, time and careful planning, which I assume Ted Tonks and others like him just didn't have.

    I think it might also be down to how much you kept touch with the Muggle world. If you'd had both feet firmly planted in the wizarding world since age eleven, and were Ted Tonk's age, you might be wary of how much things could have changed since you were younger. Yes he's a Muggle-born, but if he's lived as an adult in the wizarding world, would he know how to buy a Muggle house, or set up electricity bills and accounts for council tax? Perhaps he was worried that the Death Eaters had spies in those sort of places, looking for anyone who didn't seem quite at home with the system. Plus, where would he get the Muggle money to do it all? He couldn't exactly walk into Gringotts and exchange it. So, being on the run would have been the best, and possibly the only, option for him, and others in his situation.

    I'm sure that plenty of Muggles did go elsewhere and set up new lives, or went to stay with Muggle relatives who could hide them and help them intergrate themselves back into the Muggle way of life. We just don't hear about those people.

    Also, people have no idea how the Muggle-borns are being rounded up. We know that it just seemed to be loosly organised gangs roaming around, but if you've been out of touch with people and news sources, how are you going to know that? How do you know that Voldemort hasn't got Death Eaters watching Muggle bank accounts or Muggle councils and estate agents? Then there's the possibility of Voldemort finding where you're hiding, and murduring everyone who concealed you. Living rough might seem like the safest option.

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    Some Muggle-borns also fled the country, which in my opinion is the smarter option.

    Otherwise, I don't have much to add to Sapphire at Dawn's post.

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    Muggle-borns who had relatives living abroad might have been sent by their parents to go live with them, but I would think getting out of Britain might have been the safest way to go. Depending on how you view wizarding politics, some nations might have offered amnesty to British Muggle-borns. But I also do believe that witches and wizards also could have left Britain for good, emmigrating to other countries. In fact, in JCCoiller's Marissa and the Wizards, I believe that's how Professor Merrythought's family came to live in Brazil.

    I actually had a funny thought of older Muggle-borns trying to sneak their way into the Peace Corps. A third world country might even be safer for a Muggle-born than Britain during the reign of Voldemort.

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