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Thread: February Challenge ~ ROUND ROBIN~ Judged~

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    POST 38

    “And now,” said Ginny. “We play.”

    Terry nodded. He took out a Galleon from his pocket and cast a spell on it. Ginny could instantly feel her pocket heating up. Terry had just alerted the DA. It was time.

    As soon as Terry left them with a thumbs-up, Neville and Ginny went to work. They retrieved two huge paintbrushes from their bags and ran them across the wall. The enchanted paintbrushes, a product of Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes, didn’t need paint.

    Soon, in glowing, multicoloured paint, the following words adorned the corridors of the first floor:

    100 words, yo! Can someone come up with something more rebellious than this?

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    "A masterpiece," Neville said admiringly. "What next?"

    But just as Ginny was about to speak, both their coins grew hot. She read her message out loud. "Meet us at the room off the Great Hall where they keep the firsties. We've found something."

    Enthused, Neville grabbed her arm and practically dragged her to the steps and toward the Hall. When they arrived, several of the DA were gathered outside, engaged in a brisk discussion but immediately directed their comrades inside. What lay within made both of them gasp.

    "You-Know-Who's got a statue in Hogwarts!" said Seamus. “Let’s demolish it.”
    Word count -- 99

    Maybe now, Seamus can finally blow something up. Squee!
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    “Most certainly, a statue of You-Know-Who in the Great Hall is just disgusting,” Ginny answered. “But no grenades”.

    “How are you supposed to blow something up without grenades?” Seamus asked.

    “Um, Seamus, you’re a wizard, you just need to use a simple blasting spell”.

    Together, Neville, Ginny, and Seamus pointed to the ugly statue and muttered spell. Instantly, the statue was blasted into a million pieces.

    “Nice work!” Ginny commented. “But we better get out of here, we need to go back to the Room of Requirement, everyone’s going to be waiting for us, and there’s more to do!”
    99 words. Didn't want the whole grenade topic to come up again
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    using rare and complicated words
    Final points to be dished out and then everything totalled up.

    So, for week 3

    Gwendalynn - 2
    majestic ginny - 2
    hestiajones - 2

    mugglegirlmarauder - 2
    Mapleandphoenixfeather - 2

    ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor - 5

    Hufflepuff - 6
    Gryffindor - 4
    Ravenclaw - 5

    The 10 points for enthusiasm, fair play and general niceness goes to


    Maple_and_phoenix_feather (MAPF)


    Gryffindor -24
    Hufflepuff -21
    Ravenclaw - 18
    Slytherin -3

    Thank you all for participating. Points will be posted soon.


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