Welcome to the February Three Broomsticks Challenge
Round Robin.

Here is a resurrected competition for all you budding drabblers. There are points to be earned and much fun to be had when you participate.

How to play:

Similar to QWC, each person takes turns to write a drabble of no more than 100 words and no less than 90. (I will check this).

The drabbles should fit together to form a coherent story (ahem).

The title, subject and first drabble will be set by the barmaids.

You do not have to write from the same person’s POV all the way through. So if Neville is talking to Ginny in one drabble, you could start the next one with Professor Snape watching them.

Do not crush people’s ideas and ships. If you dislike Seamus and Hannah kissing, you can’t write the next drabble having her kiss Draco and thus ignore the nice Irish boy. You could – however – have her thinking ‘Oh, I think I prefer Draco.’ Play nice, though. Scuttling a ship, or idea, in a demeaning manner isn’t big or clever and may result in docked points and/or disqualification.

You may write as many drabbles as you wish providing you don’t double post.

Correct spelling and punctuation should be used at all times.
This competition will run for 4 weeks.
Week 1 – 1st – 7th
Week 2 – 8th – 14th
Week 3 15th – 21st
Week 4 22nd – 28th

You can earn up to 5 points per week. There will be 2 points for every drabble with correct SPaG, and 1 point if there are minor errors. Complete and utter literary abominations may well face ordeal by cake woman.

The person who we think has contributed the most in terms of story, participation, enthusiasm and fair play will gain a further ten points for their house.
Please number all your posts. The Nargles have time turners and the posts may appear out of order.

Because of this, we strongly suggest you read through the story before you post otherwise your post may not make any sense.

Ask any questions here and we’ll answer as soon as is barmaidly possible.

So, without further ado, welcome to

The Three Broomsticks St Valentine’s Day Massacre (?)
Round Robin Competition.

The scene: Hogwarts, year seven
The Time: February 1998
The Characters: Anyone who was at Hogwarts during the Deathly Hallows so that does not include The Trio, The Twins, any Muggle-borns, a living Professor Dumbledore or Luna Lovegood (she’d gone by then). All these people can of course be mentioned, though.

Drabble 1

Walking into breakfast, Neville noticed Ginny listlessly chewing on a piece of toast. From the rather sad look on her face, he knew she was thinking about Harry again. He wanted to offer some words of comfort, but anything he could say would only sound trite. She needed a distraction. Merlin, they all did!

“Ginny,” he whispered. “I’ve had an idea.”

“What about?” she mumbled.

“Valentine’s Day.”

Ginny pulled a face. “Neville, you’re very sweet, but this isn’t the time to get romantic.”

“I agree,” he said, grinning. “But it could be the time to get revenge.”
Happy Drabbling!