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Thread: Hit Wizard & Auror Classes

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    If I am understanding the question right, they would all probably take DADA and then possibly Transfiguration and Charms...Maybe Potions...
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    Hit Wizard & Auror Classes

    Okay, in a story I'm working on one of the characters is taking their classes to become a Hit Wizard. Also two other characters are taking classes to become Aurors. They would take the same classes right? By the way this is at hogwarts. I've checked the lexicon and my books, but that doesn't mean I'm right. So can anyone help me?

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    According to the Lexicon which uses a JK Rowling written Daily Prophet as a source, a Hit Wizard needs five OWLS and has to be over 17 years of age. So, they don't actually have to be doing NEWTS.

    He (or she, I presume you can be a Hit Witch) needs Charms and Defence at least. They differ from Aurors because they're more like regular police who catch criminals. Aurors are more akin to special agents sent to root out Dark Wizards.

    Aurors need at least 5 NEWTS and they have to have DADA, Transfiguration, Herbology, Charms and, of course, Potions.

    Your witch/wizard wouldn't necessarily be in all the same classes.


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    Okay, that makes total sense. So, although they would take some of the same classes they probably wouldn't all be the same. Thanks!

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