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Thread: Pairing - James/Lily

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    As cliche as it sounds, LifeAtRandom is right in that #3 is the most canon-compliant (especially because of what we know of Lily). James/Lily has become one of my favorite 'ships, but I'm always dismayed with Marauder-Era fics that use jealous!Lily because for it to work, she seems to be drawn so far OOC. I'm sure there's some kind of drama (there is a war going on outside Hogwarts), but being a teenager is drama enough, and if Sirius and Remus are to be believed, James just needed to grow up to win Lily over. I think she's to vehement towards him because she actually does like him; he's smart, funny, and loyal to his friends, and I think she'd definately consider those good things, but she'd be turned off by the immature arrogance. I see their getting together as a combination of his maturity, them having to work close as Heads, and a general thawing during sixth year that paves the way for a real relationship seventh year.
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    Oooh, I like Essence_of_Lily's idea as well. That certainly does sound interesting...

    All three of those are rather cliche, though. It seems that the most successful J/L stories begin with something... different. Something original, or unexpected. I think the most creative approach to a James and Lily fic that I've read would be A Different View On Love by helz_belz. What better way to get to know each other than... Switch bodies! I also read one where Lily gets kidnapped by Death Eaters. Those were new to me, which made them much more interesting.

    Also the whole life/death situation, especially if one almost dies.
    I'm a huge sucker for those. I usually prefer it to be James though. I guess I just like to see our poor Prongsie suffer... *sigh*

    As for a couple name... How about... Jaily?, daily but with a 'J'. I like Jily too, though... And Jelly. Haha.

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    Personally, I think that all three listed are a little cliche. If done well, they're great, but more often than not it's the stories with a more creative way that they got together is more likely to hook me. I think that by seventh year James just starts to feel the weight of growing up and starts to get involved with fighting the war or at least wanting to fight. I think this forces him to mature and Lily sees him differently. I also like to think somewhere around sixth year they become friends. Others may see that differently, but going back to the war causing all of them to change, I think that around sixth year Lily loosens up a bit (something may cause her to realize life is short- could be anything from a death of a friend to just reading about attacks on Muggleborns in the papers) and starts to appreciate the Marauders love of fun a bit more.

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    I've always thought that the whole Head Boy and Head Girl thing might have had something to do with it. I can just imagine Lily whining about it and James deciding to ignore her until she realizes "Hey, he grew up!" and gets over her pride. My friend and I also wrote a Round Robin story once where Dumbledore set the whole thing up, but I doubt that this actually is the case.

    I've always used the term "Jily" because it's the first I ever heard for this pairing. It sounds a bit weird, I agree, but I can't force myself to call it anything else

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