Firstly, I'm dead surprised this is the first L/J thread.

Anyway, L/J is, and always has been, my OTP. I'm wondering what the most realistic way they got together is.

It usually one of the following three:

1) James gets a new girl + Lily gets jealous = James/Lily

2) James pours his heart out to Lily, telling her how much it hurts him when she rejects him + Lily realizes James actually has a heart = James/Lily

3) James and Lily agree to be civil to each other = James/Lily

Note that 1) and 2) are often combined.

Which do you think is most likely, and which do you think works best? I must say, I quite like a jealous Lily, because a heartbroken James usually turns out OOC and the 'let's be civil' is used far too often.

Also, y'know how some pairings get their own cool names? Like Harmony for H/Hr and Dramione for D/H? Anybody know/can think of one for L/J?

~Midnight Storm