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Thread: Alcohol in Hogwarts?

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    Alcohol in Hogwarts?

    Hi there,

    I'm writing a story in which Ginny, Luna, and Neville are all playing truth or dare, and there is quite a bit of drinking involved. So I was wondering, how easy is it in Hogwarts is it to obtain alcohol, do you think? In the story I'm writing, they're underage (16 and 15). I know the Professers probably have some form of it at mealtimes in the Great Hall, so there's some sort of stock. Do you think the house elves would be willing to give it to them? Thoughts would be appriciated.

    Sorry if this question has already been asked; I scanned the forms and there didn't seem to be a thread on this topic, so...


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    Though it's never mentioned in the books I think it would be pretty easy to get some. I think Fred and George get Butterbeer from the house elves or Hogsmeade, via the tunnel into Honeydukes. If you want something stronger, which younger students might not be able to obtain in Hogsmeade, then I'm sure an older student would be happy to get some for them. I think as long as you explain where they got it from you're fine : )
    Hope that helps alex x
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    I've always assumed that Butterbeer was very mildly alcoholic, if at all. Ginger ale isn't alcoholic, but has the name of an alcohol in its name - Butterbeer could be similar. I've also had 1% alcohol rice wine - it had more sugar than alcohol. At the time, my parents were informed that me and my brother were welcome to have as much as we wanted - there was no way we could get more than very, very mildly buzzed.

    I'm not sure they would want the professors to be able to drink at mealtimes. They have to stay and watch the children after all. So I'm not sure that Hogwarts would have had a stock of alcohol somewhere in the castle.

    As for how the students could get some, it would depend primarily on the wizarding world's laws about alcohol. Laws in Muggle Britain say you can order a pint at a bar if you have food with it, starting at 16 (as I recall). Wizards could have completely different laws.

    When I was in Italy, a guy that I met told me that they have no legal underage drinking laws whatsoever. A bartender has every right to refuse you if you look too young to be there. But none of us (15-17 years old) had any trouble buying alcohol in shops, whether for our parents back home or our own consumption. None of the shop workers ever asked us either. Though they probably realized that we were foreigners and might not be able to respond very easily.

    Hogwarts security seems fairly lax - there is no check of their bags or anything when they go back to the castle, so it's probably quite possible to bring alcohol back in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AidaLuthien
    I've always assumed that Butterbeer was very mildly alcoholic, if at all. Ginger ale isn't alcoholic, but has the name of an alcohol in its name - Butterbeer could be similar.
    Yeah, I always thought the same thing. I mean, Harry, Ron, and Hermione drink it in third year, which probably wouldn't have been possible if it had a high alcohol content.

    I'm also not sure if the professors would drink at mealtimes--it's never explicitly mentioned, but they do have to teach classes and generally be responsible for the students' well-being. If they did drink, it definitely wouldn't be to excess. Because of this, and because there aren't really very many professors, I'm not sure that Hogwarts would have a sizable stash of alcohol anywhere.

    I think you'd probably have the most luck with having someone sneak out to Hogsmeade to get it. Based on this quote from Order of the Phoenix:

    "You know what?" Ron murmured, looking over the bar with enthusiasm. "We could order anything we liked in here, I bet that bloke would sell us anything, he wouldn't care. I've always wanted to try firewhiskey--"
    I would say that it probably isn't too hard to get alcohol from the Hog's Head. I don't remember if Ginny, Neville, and Luna are ever told explicitly about the secret passageways, but since they're friends with the trio, I think you could definitely find a feasible way to explain their knowledge.

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    Butterbeer does contain alcohol, but not a lot. We find out as much when we see Winky at Hogwarts in GoF. Ron, I think, remarks that Butterbeer contains barely any alcohol, and Dobby replies that it's a lot for Houseelves.

    Concerning teachers and alcohol at mealtimes – I agree that it wouldn't be common during the regular lunchtimes. However, I somehow remember a Christmas party with Mc Gonagall getting slightly tipsy. Or is that just my odd memory? I think she is giggling and blushing, and her hat is slightly askew, or something like that.

    Edit: woot, spider post. This should be no.5, after obsessed-with-jo.

    Edit2: Ha! got it! This is Christmas in PS, "The Mirror of Erised":

    Harry watched Hagrid getting redder and redder in the face as he called
    for more wine, finally kissing Professor McGonagall on the cheek,
    who, to Harry’s amazement, giggled and blushed, her top hat lop-
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    The teachers do drink; McGonagall is mentioned being tipsy, as Kara pointed out, then there's Trelawney and her cooking sherry in HBP, and I would imagine that Slughorn had some alcohol stashed somewhere, and Hagrid certainly drinks a fair bit. Perhaps at weekends mead or wine is served with the evening meal. So yeah, I can imagine that there is a stash of alcohol somewhere in the castle.

    As for how they'd get the alchohol, I doubt the house-elves would give it out. Giving out a load of food is one thing, but giving alcohol to underage, or even over-age students, would be a very stupid thing to do. I'll bet alcohol is banned at Hogwarts for the students, even if they are over-age. I think the Hogs Head is the most likely place for them to get it, unless one of them recieves a bottle of cherry liqueur for Christmas from an elderly relative or something (I can't see it being Ginny; Mrs Weasley would have it out of her hands fairly sharpish I imagine).

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    I'm sure quite a few of the teachers have their own stashes, kept in their rooms (Slughorn had some in HBP if I recall Ron's poisoning correctly). You can try to explain that they 'stole' from these stashes, but I don't recommend it. I'm sure most of the teachers are smart enough to have the proper Charms in place to keep out any thieves (especially under age ones).

    However, because Hogwarts is so lax on security (no bag checks as mentioned before), I don't find it too unreasonable that one of the students could have brought it back from home. Perhaps Luna has a bottle of firewhiskey because it's supposed to be good at keep away some strange Luna-ish creature. Or perhaps an older Gryffindor has a bottle of it, and either Ginny or Neville discovers it (or knows the older students reputation of drinking) and steals it from them.

    That's a couple of suggestions without them having to leave, even though they could have gotten it from the Hogs Head. Aberforth wouldn't seem to have too many quarms about handing over the liquor (if they had the money to pay for it - which is something to consider. Would any of the three of had the galleons to give up?). I don't find it unlikely that Ginny knew about the secret tunnels. Maybe Fred and George let her on the secret as a sort of 'gift'. Depending on whether or not you think Fred and George would have overstepped their 'overprotective big brother' side to let their little sister have some fun.

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