I'm writing a story based in approx. 1930, about a witch who is eleven years old and forced to leave home. Her mother wouldn't accept that she is a witch (muggle-born) and wouldn't let her attend Hogwarts. When the rest of the town finds out that she is a witch, she is forced to leave and go on her own travels. I'm still working out the bugs and the plausibility etc. of the story and I have a few questions to ask.

What was London like in that time? (in general)

Were witches condemned in the 1930's? Or is there no proof to prove or disprove?

Is there any chance of the girl throwing a tantrum (and then having a magical reaction), or is rudeness like that in the 1930's just unheard of? If so, how would there be a fight between daughter and mother? Or is it not possible?

This is all I have for now, but I may return with further questions if you are able to answer them.

~ Annalise x