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Thread: The Time-Turner Issue

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    Midnight Storm

    The Time-Turner Issue

    You know how we have all the problem with posts appearing in the wrong order depending what side of the world you're on? Well I thought that maybe we could have a 'communal clock' sort of thing -- as in, one time zone that we all follow? That way, the posts would come up in the right order (I think?).

    Considering I know less than nothing about technology, I don't know if this is even slightly possible. Just an idea.

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    I think that's a good idea, and I think it would be possible as you can set the clocks to your timezone.

    However, my timezone clock is out of whack on the board depending which forum I post in. If I post in the majority of the threads, I see a time that's 2 hours ealier than my timezone, but in some threads (QWC for instance), I get my actual timezone. It's very confusing.

    Edit: This post says 15:49, but my timezone is 17:49.


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    We've tried fixing the forum clock, it worked for a week or two but seems to have slipped again. If everyone on the forum stuck to the default clock when they registered, it may fix the problem, but I don't think there's a quick way we can change everyone's clocks back to the default.

    The main problem is that these forums are now old, the code has bugs and we cannot update the forums without buying new and expensive software. We do keep trying to fix the problem but again, all we can ask is your continued patience.

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