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Thread: Links to alternate user pages

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    Links to alternate user pages

    I have found a few authors that I want to read on the forums already, but, unless they have a link to their stories in their signature, I need to copy their name, open to the main page, and go through the search dialog. This seems to be more work than should be necessary, and I would like to propose the ability for users to add a link to their author page directly on their forum profile, and vice versa. Would this even be technologically possible? I would doubt it, as the code currently stands, especially with the external software that powers the forums.

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    Members are free to use the 'Home Page URL' box in their profiles to link to their author page, or place a link in their signatures. Many authors already do this. However as the forums are an external software, we are not able to add new fields to the profile.

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