A piece of backstory I've been writing has snowballed into a one-shot, and I need some information about the aftermarth of Dumbledore's disappearence. I think I remember that the whole schools seemed to know things that had happened in the office, but what was it? Does it ever say how they found out?

Also, what was the time of that initial meeting in the Hog's Head, and also the first DA meeting? Am I right in saying that the times and days of these meetings always changed? What about the time of the final meeting, when Marietta blabbed on them all? Is that ever stated?

Is the spell that Hermione placed on that piece of paper ever named? Do you think that it would be plausible that the jinx would only activate itself if someone told an 'enemy' about the club? I need a character to tell her friend about the meeting in the Hog's Head after she's signed the paper because the friend is interested in joining, but couldn't go to the meeting. Do you think the jinx would activate if she did that?

Sarah x