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Thread: Salem Witch Trials

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    Salem Witch Trials

    I am trying to gather all the information I can about the Salem Witch Trials in the hopes of writing a story, but sadly, sources are scarce. That is why I am calling upon the help of the site so that all these tiny bits of information can be brought together into one source that the whole site can use.

    But I do have a few questions specific to my own story.

    Was Reverand Parris' wife alive at the time of the Salem Witch Trials?

    At what point in the trials did Parris take his children away from Salem to Boston?

    I have read that Samuel and Elizabeth Parris had two other children besides Betty; what is known about them?

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    Wow, sources are scarce? You're either very demanding in your research, or haven't checked all the options yet.

    Fife minutes Google search gives me an image of Elizabeth Parris' (the mother, not the child) headstone, the inscription of which puts her death in 1696, four years after the events started. So she wasn't alive through all of it, but she definitely did witness the start.

    As for the children – Thomas, the son, was born a year after Elizabeth and Samuel got married. He is one year older than Betty, and youngest daughter Susannah is five years younger than Betty. When they moved to Salem, all three children had already been born.

    The only date that I could find for when Betty was sent away was "end of March" 1692.

    But honestly, I think you'll find tons of books on the family in a library... I can't imagine that there's little information on the Salem Witch Trials...

    And obviously, what I posted here is result from internet research, so I don't guarantee that any of it is true.
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