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Thread: patronus and dementor questions

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    patronus and dementor questions

    Muggles can't see dementors, but can sense their precence, correct?
    Can they physically feel them or hear them?
    Also, what about patronuses? Do they affect muggles at all? Can muggles see or sense them at all?

    Maybe there was something about this in the books, but I can't find anything
    please help! Any input is appreciated

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    Tom Riddles patronus

    Hi. I've been trying to research this but I really can't find an answer.
    In the Prisoner of Askaban Hermione says that "only a power wizard could conjure a patronus" and it got me thinking.
    What is Tom Riddle/Voldemorts patronus?
    He is a powerful wizard and by looking closely at the character, Tom Riddle was very interested in everything to do with magic.
    Did he ever attempt to conjure a patronus?

    Let me know if anyone has any answers etc.

    -- BeautifulDisasterX

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    In DH when the Dementors are all over London, the Muggle news was reporting a strange fog.

    In OotP, when Harry and Dudley run into the Dementors, Dudley definitely feels the Dementors' presence. So does Mrs. Figg who is a Squib, although she can't see them.

    I don't have the books nearby, though I'm almost positive that happens in OotP, so I can't tell you whether Dudley sees Harry's Patronus or not.

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    I don't have the books with me either, but I think that Muggles can't see the patronus, nor feel it. I imagine they would just feel the 'fog' leaving, it getting warmer and lighter.

    If someone has evidence to the contrary, I apologise.

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    I donít think thereís a definite answer as to whether muggles can see patronuses. They definitely canít see dementors, thatís made quite clear.

    In the scene in the fifth book, where the dementors attack Harry and Dudley, Dudley doesnít seem to see the patronus and when Harry is being interrogated by Uncle Vernon he says that Harry made it all dark, but doesnít mention the patronus. But, then again, Dudley was pretty traumatized at the point where the patronus was conjured. So this could be taken as evidence for either argument.

    There also is Harryís trial, and the Wizengamot carries on like muggles would have been able to see the patronus.

    I donít think Mrs. Figg was able to see the dementors (her description was just too off). But, her description of the patronus was quite accurate, so I think she probably could have seen it.

    You could make a case either way, but personally, I think that muggles can see patronuses.

    To answer your other question, Dudley relived his worst memories when the dementor attacked him, so I would guess that they can feel them. (unless you mean in a physical sense, and yes the dementors are solid to muggles. When Dudley is attacked the dementor is prying his wrists apart.) We donít seem to have sufficient information to say whether muggles can hear dementors. I would guess that they can, but I donít think there is any evidence in canon to support either way.

    Iím not exactly sure what was meant by the question ďDo they affect muggles at all?Ē. All the patronuses seem to do is stop the dementors, so the fact that a muggle is involved doesnít seem to change the way they act against dementors at all.

    Hope this helps


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    Well, we know that muggles can feel the dementors. Others have given examples, so I am not going to repeat. I'm not quite sure whether muggles can see patronuses. Meg mentioned Mrs. Figg describing Harry's patronus. I don't remember that happening, but I could be wrong. What I remember is her describing the dementors. Since Dudley was clearly very affected by the dementors so he may not have even noticed the Patronus. He said everything went dark so he may not have even been able to see it even if he could see a patronus (does that make sense?).

    Do dementors even make sounds? People usually sense them because of the cold and what they feel. Harry never heard the dementors at least in PoA, he heard his mother screaming.

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    With the Patronus, there's also the fact that Harry was caught up for preforming magic in front of a Muggle. If Muggles couldn't see the Patronus, would it have been such a dreadful thing? Magic would have been preformed, but Dudley hadn't seen it, so there hasn't really been a breach of the Statute of Secrecy. However, the Ministry in OoTP is determined to bring Harry down, so this might have been ignored.

    I think you could swing it either way with the Patronus. They can't see Dementors, so there is a basis for them not being able to see Patronuses. But then, why would they not be able to? Is it because they don't have magic, and the Patronus is something of pure magic? Would they be able to see other things conjoured from nowhere, like the tablecloths Charlie conjures in GoF? What about things transfigured into other things?

    I've just remembered that in DH, when Harry meets the Dementos in that Muggle town, he finds he can't conjour one. He tried, but failed. This perhaps means that he knew that Muggles couldn't see a Patronus if he cast one, though it could also mean that he was panicking because of their increased effect due to the Horcrux and wanted to cast one, despite the concequences of being seen by a Muggle or not.

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