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Thread: Hogsmeade's Buildings and Surroundings

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    Hogsmeade's Buildings and Surroundings

    I'm sure you can guess from the title. What are Hogsmeade's surroundings? Is it bordered by the mountains, or some forest, too?

    Where exactly is the Shrieking Shack located? I know it's not in the village, but nearby. What is it surrounded by?

    And lastly, where is The Three Broomsticks? It's supposed to be famous, but I don't think I remember where it was, exactly. I can't think of any place in the books where it might have been said.

    Wish I had my books on me. Help?


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    Nothing is said in canon about Hogsmeade's surroundings. Since it is within walking distance of Hogwarts, it can be assumed that the setting is similar.

    Here is a map of Hogwarts drawn by J.K. Rowling:

    PHP Code: 
    It depicts Hogsmeade to the northwest of Hogwarts, and away from the forest. The town could be surrounded by open grassland, given the space between the forest and Hogsmeade, but we can't see anything past the corner of the page. I think you would be safe just making up the surroundings, as long as it is nothing outlandish.

    The Shrieking Shack doesn't appear on Rowling's map, but I think you could safely place it anywhere near the town.

    The Three Broomsticks could be anywhere in Hogsmeade – it's specific location in the town is not specified. You would be safe putting it anywhere in Hogsmeade you like.

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    I expect there are mountains nearby because they are used as hideouts throughout the books. In GoF Sirius is staying in a cave in a mountain and it's close enough for the trio to walk there during a Hogsmeade visit. Dumbledore also found Grawp a place to live in the mountains and Hagrid was able to walk there, so I would assume there are mountains very close by.

    Like Tim said the locations are never fully mentioned, but the Hogs Head is near the end of town (I think). The Shrieking Shack is close enough that villagers could hear Remus' transformations. I expect it's on the outskirts near the forest because it was close enough to have a tunnel from Hogwarts going to it.

    I always viewed the Three Broomsticks as being in the middle of the main road. That's just me. I saw Zonko's and Honeydukes nearby, but once again that is my take based on how quickly it seemed the trio walked from place to place.

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