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Thread: I Challenge Thee (The Return) ~Results in~

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    I Challenge Thee (The Return) ~Results in~

    Christmas Stocking ~ Christmas Shocking

    Ho ho ho! This year Father Christmas has been too busy to get you what you really want for Christmas, so he’s asked the fair Rosmerta and her bar-elves if they’ll organise a little gift exchange for all the good folk who frequent The Three Broomsticks.

    Weasley Jumper ~ Dursley Miser

    At Hogwarts, Harry had six wonderful Christmases. None were complete without the regulation Weasley Jumper that Molly knitted with great love. However, on the other side of the Galleon, he also received miserly gifts from the Dursleys.

    The purpose of this Twelve Days of Christmas Challenge is for you to make your Christmas list. Then one of Rosmerta’s bar-elves will make your dream come true.

    Perhaps you’d like a fluffy drabble about your favourite pairing, or a drabble with some humour. That would be the MNFF equivalent of the Weasley Jumper. (Joy to the World)

    But maybe you’re sick of fluff and good deeds. You’d like a drabble bathed in angst. That would be your Dursley Miser. (Bah, Humbug!)

    Sign up in this thread, stating whether you want a Weasley Jumper or a Dursley Miser. Then cite your preferences (pairing, situation, whatever). The person who signs below you will write your drabble request and post it in their drabble thread. Edit your post with the link to the drabble you write for the person above you. I shall start off, and I'll complete the competition by writing the last drabble.

    Points – Yes, we’re full of the Christmas Cheer in TTB, so we shall issue 5 points per person for participation and on completion of your first drabble. You may enter again providing you’ve finished the drabble(s) you’ve promised to write. Participation points will only be awarded once – no matter how many times you enter. In addition the best drabble will receive 15 points, second 10 points, third 5 points.

    *points will be awarded in the Spring term*

    The competition opens on Boxing Day and sign ups end on Twelfth Night (6th January). You will have an extra four days to complete your final drabbles. (10th January)

    All standard MNFF rules apply regarding grammar, punctuation and ratings. Drabbles should be between 100-500 words.

    Please use this form in your drabble thread when posting your completed drabble.

    PHP Code:
    b]Who the gift is for:[/b]  
    b]Word Count:[/b]  
    b]Authors Notes:[/b
    Please direct any questions you may have to the "Ask the Barmaids" Thread.

    Happy Holidays.


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    using rare and complicated words
    I would like a Weasley Jumper (fun and/or fluff) concerning the Trio.
    I'd like a Kneazle to appear at some stage.


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    I shall claim that, Madam Caroleeee.

    Edit: Thy drabble, Madam!

    I would like a Dursley Miser, iffen you please. If that could feature the pairing of Albus/Scorpius or maybe the Albus/Scorpius/Rose love triangle, it would be excellent.
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    I'll claim Jess' then - here.

    I would like a Dursley Miser please with a Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw character and a decision they regret.

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    I've got yours, Hannah... right here.

    I would like a Weasley Jumper involving Ron under the influence of truth serum.
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    I'll claim yours, Lori.

    I would like a Weasley Jumper involving Minerva McGonagall and her Animagus form.

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    I shall claim Olivia's.

    I would like a Weasley jumper involving Ron, Hermione and a porcupine.

    EDIT: Here you go!

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    I think I'll sneak in here and claim Manda's (is it okay if I call you that? I don't want to seem stalker-ish )

    I would like a Weasley jumper that includes Luna and Ron and a nargle in some mistletoe.

    Edit: Merry belated Christmas, Manda!

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    I would love to write one for Rissy!!

    Goodness, what do I want...I would like a Weasley jumper with Snape, Hermione, and Draco, yes yes. Preferably from Snape's POV (loves Snape )^

    EDIT: Drabble
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    Can I take that one, please? :]

    I would like a Weasley Jumper of Umbridge's interactions with the staff and/or castle during her stint as High Inquisitor. Thaanks!

    Edit: Here's a Weasley... Pile of Yarn. Drabble

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