I believe that it is safe to assume that not every house has five students to a dorm, right?

JK said in an interview that there are roughly 1000 students at Hogwarts. That seems like a whole lot to me, especially since there appears to be only one teacher per subject. I've decided that at least for my fics Hogwart's student population is never over 500. (I'd be happy to hear any well thought out counter-arguements if anyone has them)

Do you think that certain houses have more students than others?
Or have more girls than guys and vise versa?

For example:
I've been wondering for awhile if the eight Gryffindor characters in Harry's year really are the only eight. I've decided they are. If Gryffindor qualities are bravery and nobility wouldn't there be fewer of them. It's like the popular saying; too many chiefs and not enough indians. Also it makes sense, at least to me, that there would usually be more boys in Gryffindor than girls.

Wouldn't Hufflepuff probably have the largest number of students at Hogwarts. Loyalty and Kindness are the main sought after traits but I believe the sorting hat also says if you don't fit in Ravenclaw Slytherin or Gryffindor than Hufflepuff will take you because Hufflepuff never turns away a student.
In my fanfiction I have 5 boys and 7 girls in Hufflepuff (I have a feeling there would be way more girls in Hufflepuff than boys). Do you think that's too many?

Please let me know your thoughts!