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    Hufflepuff Classes

    Ok, I'm writing a fic about Hannah Abbott's first year at Hogwarts and I was wondering about who they could share classes with. I know there's been a lot of discussion about classes and schedules and why Gryffindor only shares 2 classes with other Houses (Herb with the Puffs and Potions with the Slyths.) This is what I came up with and I'm wanting to know what other people think:

    The schedule is completely random. I've tried many times to sit down and map out Hannah's class schedule but nothing makes sense. Either they've got way too much free time or their teachers would have no time to teach other classes. So I've decided that sense Hogwarts itself is filled with magic and organized chaos then it's classes are the same. There is no obvious rhyme or reason to it.

    That being said my main question is
    Do you think that because Gryffindor shares potions with Slytherin that Hufflepuff has to share potions with Ravenclaw? I'm leaning toward no. I think that who they share classes with and what classes they share are somewhat random. In Ginny's year Gryffindor shares Transfiguration with Ravenclaw showing that eventhough Gyffindor's in Harry's year have the class to themselves Transfiguration is still a shareable class.

    Ugh. All this thinking makes my head hurt!
    In my fiction (rough rough draft at the moment) Hufflepuffs share Herbology with Gryffindor, possibly Transfiguration with Slytherins, and History of Magic or Charms with Ravenclaw. But they have potions by themselves. Is that believable or do I need to change somethings?

    Any thoughts are welcome!!

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    Well, I initially would have said that what classes Gryffindor have with one house, the opposites share with each other. So Hufflepuff would have Potions with Ravenclaw Herbology with the Gryffindors, and never share anything with the Slytherins. Ravenclaw would have Herbology with Slytherins.

    Perhaps Ginny's year is very small, warrenting them to share classes between the houses. Or perhaps it was very large, allowing them to be split into sets relating to their ability, which would also have mixed the houses.

    To be honest, you could probably have the Hufflepuff timetable however you wanted it, as long as they still had Herbology with the Gryffindors. If you want them to share classes that the Gryffindors don't share then I guess you could do it, though you'd need a plausible explanation as to why that is.

    The fact is that JKR didn't really take into account the rest of the school when creating Harry's timetable. She's said that the teachers we hear about are the only ones, so there are far too many classes for them to teach, if we go by the timetable she talks about in Philosopher's Stone. You've got to accept that the timetables will never make sense, so I advise you just to go with making your timetable how you want it and ignoring all the constraints on teachers time because otherwise it won't work.

    Sarah x

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    I always thought that some classes might need more time - Potions and Herbology, so there are two Houses in those classes because then the class can be twice as long.

    But honestly, the class schedule makes no sense, so you might as well have people share at random. Or some Houses are a lot bigger than others in a particular year so the classes average a certain number of people, but the Houses involved are different.

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    I think as long as you don't have Hufflepuffs having potions with Slytherins and herbology with a house other than Gryffindor you can do what you want.

    Like Aida said, some classes might be longer. It may also have to do with the period in the day since all of the classes run at the same time are the same length (seems pretty straight forward). So maybe certain periods are longer, so maybe Ginny was sharing transfiguration because it was in the longer period. We also know that they don't have all their classes everyday so different classes fall into the long periods each day.

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    Hmm, that makes sense. At my school, there are four periods in a day, each going for 70minutes. We have two breaks. So usually our day goes like this:

    9am - 9:10am ~ Roll marking,
    9:10am - 10:20am ~ Period 1
    10:20am - 11:30am ~ Period 2
    11:30am - 12:15pm ~ First Break
    12:15pm - 1:25pm ~ Period 3
    1:25pm - 1:55pm ~ Second Break
    1:55pm - 3:05pm ~ Period 4

    Of course this is very different to how Hogwarts would work, but it probably has some similarities. For instance, I imagine that either first or second period would be a double (this is not supported by research, though), and then there would be lunch, and then periods three, four and five, which would be of normal length.

    The trouble is, with the first years, they have hardly any classes. Potions, Herbology, Quidditch, DADA, Transfiguration and Charms I can't think of anything else. In third year, other classes are added such as Ancient Runes and Muggle Studies, and Divination. So it means they don't have to have the same class too many times in a week. One thing to remember, though, is that Hermione had trouble fitting all of the subjects in.

    It is a pretty difficult job thinking up the time-tables. I have been trying for quite some time. So, as Sarah said, I think you would probably have free reign.

    I hope this helped!

    ~ Annalise x

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    first years also have flying. though it was only mentioned as one class, i think they probably had it a few more times. especially since in Harry's first year that class was a bit of a disaster...

    edit: (came to mind after I pressed submit...) remember that once you get to sixth year if you are going that far, the NEWT classes are all four houses. Harry's Newt potions class was three Gryffindors (I think, don't remember any mention of the other Gryffindor's in that class), four Slytherins, four Ravenclaws and one Hufflepuff (Ernie).

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