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Thread: Marauder communication help

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    Marauder communication help

    So, I'm writing a long series of letters written between Sirius and Remus. I'm writing one set during Christmas of their third year when Sirius ends up in the Hospital wing from eating too much Christmas pudding. I want Remus to send him a letter, but obviously he can't use an owl and this is before James, Sirius and Peter became animagi so Peter can turn into Wormtail and deliver it. So my question is, what other ways could Remus and Sirius exchange letters without owls and without being detected by Madame Pomfrey?

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    I don’t know about letters. But they could use a two way mirror. When Sirius gives Harry the mirror in OOTP he mentions that him and James used them when they were in separate detentions so it seems likely that Remus would have one also.

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    unfortunately because the story is all letters, that isn't an option... i'm taking a little from Shoe Box Project the way they added captions to notes and stuff about how they got there and adding little details like "Sirius is pretending to snore, but is really still laughing when a letter is unceremoniously thrown at his head". But really, I need to prove to myself that it is possible for them to get letters to each other even when one is in the hospital wing. it is also changed to second year.

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    When Arthur takes Harry to the Ministry, Harry sees office memos flying around like paper aeroplanes. I think Remus would be able to enchant one quite easily.


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    Thanks, I thought about that but since they're second years do you think they'll be able to do it?

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    Just throwing this out there... but are owls actually forbidden in the hospital wing? I know visitors are limited but what about owls? I mean if a student is sick their parents probably want to communicate with them, and I don't think the school would prohibit that. And if they are allowed would Madam Pomfrey really know what owl belongs to what wizard?

    I agree second years probably wouldn’t be able to make memo’s fly. Although they can probably levitate things. What about having them sneak up to the Hospital door and then float the letters over to each other in the middle of the night or something? Or even if Owl’s are forbidden they could have their owl deliver the letter in the middle of the night when Madam Pomfrey is sleeping. Or could they get a House Elf to deliver a letter? That might depend on whether they know any or not. I think it is believable that they would be able to pass messages to each other in the hospital. I’ll try to keep thinking of better ways….

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