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Thread: Draco/Astoria

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    Well this is more a Draco fic than an Astoria fic but both characters are very well-developed. It is however a very good black comedy, so if you want them to be happy/ don't like black humour than you won't like this. If you do however it will be the funniest thing you have ever read. Also it is a professor rating just to warn you.

    For my review see here
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    I got tired of sifting through badly written Draco/OC fics on the net, and I kind of like the idea of Draco marrying a girl named Astoria Greengrass. If someone has any fic recommendations of this pairing then share them here! Requirements for the fic include an in-character Draco, Astoria either in Slytherin or Ravenclaw, and Astoria well developed.

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    Well, there's this one-shot: Strawberries by Gemma Hawk. It's a very sweet fic that has very good characterisation of both characters. There's a bit of a fluff but it won't hurt that bad.

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    If you like to check them out, I have written Draco/Astoria one-shots too:

    A Christmas to Remember (Rated: 1st-2nd Years | Warnings: None)

    and its prequel (of sorts)

    A Truth Universally Acknowledged (Rated: 3rd-5th Years | Warnings: Sexual Situations)

    Both tie together, but can be read in any order and as complete stand-alones.

    I tried to stay as in-character as possible, and so far, readers seemed to have liked it.
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    I was going to recommend Brazen by ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor, but welshdevondragon has already done that, so ...

    I shall take the liberty of ... well ... not recommending -exactly - but telling you that I've written one called

    Until Death (Eaters) Do Us Part


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    Astoria Greengrass
    Well... all the other ones I've read have been recommended. So I guess it's okay to say mine now. It's called Falling Star: The Untold Story of Astoria Greengrass. I would really like some more reviews, so if you read it and tell me what you think I would appreciate it.

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    I read a nice one-shot the other day with a Draco/Astoria pairing. It was a winter contest submission for the boards with the prompt of 'melting a winter heart'.
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    It's a shame it had to be a one-shot at the end as it obviously has to move quite quickly. A good read though, with an interesting parallel of two girls with the same ideas.


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