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Thread: Four Candles Christmas - week #3~ RESULTS

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    Four Candles Christmas - week #3~ RESULTS

    Hello there lovely drabblers! Welcome to The Three Broomstick’s

    ‘Four Candle’ Christmas challenge!

    This year’s Christmas challenge is based around the advent wreath:

    Information from Wikipedia:
    The Advent wreath is a Christian tradition that symbolizes the passage of the four weeks of Advent in the calendar of the Western church. It is usually a horizontal evergreen wreath with four or five candles. Beginning with the First Sunday of Advent, the lighting of a candle can be accompanied by a Bible reading and prayers. An additional candle is lit during each subsequent week until, by the last Sunday before Christmas, all four candles are lit. The custom is observed both in family settings and at public church services.
    The third day of advent is today, the 14th of December. Each week, for four weeks, to imitate a candle being lit, we will give you a category of Christmas objects. You will have a week to complete your drabble that should include one or more of the objects in each category.


    This week’s category is Christmas Creatures (ish).

    The traditional Christmas Creatures are:


    You have until next Tuesday (December 21st) (10pm GMT I hope)to complete your drabble, of 500 words or less, including at least one of these creatures.

    You MUST base the drabble around the creature item. You can't just have Draco calling Goyle a donkey.

    Because we're full of the Christmas spirit in The Three Broomsticks, there will be five points for participation (per week) and we will award an extra five points if you complete all four weeks. We will pick a winner and a runner-up each week. The winner will receive an extra 10 points, and the runner up will receive an extra 5.

    You may enter more than once per week, but you will only get participation points once per week, Comprende!

    Here is the form for your drabble:

    PHP Code:
    B]Colour:[/B] (Or emotion)
    B]Word Count:[/B]
    B]Authors Note:[/B
    Have fun! Please direct any question to the "Ask a Barmaid" thread.

    Merry Christmas!

    (Thanks Russiaaaaa for the wonderful competition.)

    ~The Barmaids~

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    Name: CoolCatElly
    House: Slyvenpuffdor. :-D I be a Hufflepuff.
    Creature: Robin
    Title: Last Christmas
    Word Count: 498
    Authors Note: Title from the famous WAM song. Xx

    Last Christmas, we had been two. Two hearts beating under the blanket of snow, two hands grasping tightly as we set off into the unknown. Now there is just me, alone in a house with grey walls and frosted windows.

    You had told me that we were meant to be forever, that our families meant nothing, and of course I had believed you, child that I was. A marriage of convenience – how I had sneered at the idea! But it had been so many years; my only memories of you had been of a pale boy with proud eyes and white hair, standing by the fire looking for all the world like you belonged, while I had always felt that I never would. How I had watched you, that last year. I had seen you suffer and withdraw while the others gossiped and sneered at your family’s disgrace. I wanted so desperately to comfort you, but I stayed away – dishonour was catching, my sister had warned.

    And then one day, many years later, I had come downstairs to meet not my childhood crush but a quiet young man, with piercing eyes and a crooked grin that had taken my breath away. All the clever talk, of soul-mates and long-hidden desires had had me so convinced. Surely it had to be love?

    Last Christmas, we had been husband and wife. We had vowed to love each other for as long as we would live, to protect and cherish and keep. I wonder if you had meant a word.

    I spring up suddenly and put the cup of now-cold tea I had been clutching back on the kitchen counter. I am resolute – you obviously have no intention of coming back, and I will go out to enjoy my sister’s Christmas Eve party and not sit here imagining you in her arms. I am just about to leave when a flash of red catches my eye, and I approach the frost-covered window to find a small Robin on the window-sill.

    I stop and stare, transfixed, as the little bird ruffles his feathers and stares into my eyes, and for some reason I am unable to move. I move forward to open the window, and laugh as a blast of wintry air and snow blows into my face. And still the Robin stays unmoving, and I know that it is waiting, and that it’s asking me to wait, too.
    And that is when I look up to see a lonely figure fighting the winter blizz
    ard as he walks up the drive. But when you reach me and look into my eyes, I see nothing but that frightened, pale boy, so desperately in need of comfort. I draw you into my arms, like I should have many years ago, and l know for the first time that I truly belong.

    I pull you in for a kiss, the song of the Robin ringing in my ears.

    This Christmas, we have fallen in love.

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    Name: ravenclaw1997
    House: Hufflepuff!
    Creature: Robin
    Title: A Robin Romance
    Word Count: 498
    Authors Note: Thanks to *insert friend's name who hates HP here* for choosing the creature!
    WARNING: Fluff ahead- proceed with caution.

    Katie looked back at the castle, watching for Oliver behind her. He should be coming soon; Filch was about to close the gates to Hogsmeade, but Katie was standing in his way. He needed to hurry up if he didn't want to be late!

    As she waited, she listened to the robins chirping in the branches above the path. They were so beautiful; that was what she wanted for Oliver and herself. If only he would hurry up!

    Finally, just as she was about to leave without him, Oliver came running around the school from the Quidditch pitch. Of course; how could she not have known that was where he was. He ran over to her, and she threw her arms around him. "Oliver Wood! Why are you so late?"

    He broke away, panting. "I'm sorry," he said, catching his breath. "I lost track of the time."

    "Figures." Katie wasn't surprised at all. Oliver was just the type of person to forget about everything while playing Quidditch.

    They started down the path towards Hogsmeade, nodding to Filch as they passed him. The robins continued their chirping above their heads. Everyone knew they were going as just friends, but secretly Katie hoped they would come back as more than that.

    It was Oliver's idea to go to the Three Broomsticks first. They got a booth in the corner and ordered Butterbeers. The two talked for a long while, and it was over an hour later before they finished. Leaving their payment, the pair walked back outside and found a nice bench out of the way of other people. Little did Katie know, Oliver wanted to be more to her too.

    The robins seemed to be following them, chirping in their wake, and settling into a tree above their heads. "These robins sure are unusual," Oliver noticed. Katie agreed; this wasn't like their usual behavior.

    "I think it's quite..." Katie paused before saying what she was thinking.

    "Romantic?" Oliver finished her sentence, as though he was reading her mind. He looked deep into her eyes, and moved in closer.

    Katie leaned forward to meet him in the middle. Their lips met, and she enjoyed every second of it. His lips were soft and wonderful. The robins silenced, giving them a moment of quiet.

    When they broke apart, and smile spread across her face. He pulled her into his arms, enjoying her company. "You are wonderful."

    Katie kissed him again, scooting ever closer. She loved this moment, and didn't want to ever let him go. Oliver stroked her hair, relishing the time they had together.

    They pulled apart once more. "Would you consider," Oliver asked. "Possibly being my girlfriend?"

    "Absolutely," Katie knew she loved Oliver, and never wanted to let go. The robins resumed their chirping, louder than ever. She kissed Oliver once more, throwing her arms around his shoulders.

    They stayed in Hogsmeade for a while longer, listening to the birds chirp. Thanks to them, Katie's wish had come true.

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    Name: Eponine
    House: Gryffindor
    Creature: Donkey
    Title: Ron's Christmas Mistake
    Word Count: 492
    Authors Note: In this drabble, Ginny is pregnant with Albus Severus and Hermione is pregnant with Rose.

    Harry and Ginny Apparated directly into Ron and Hermione’s front yard. The young couple approached the Weasley house through the snow. Of course, there would be an enormous Weasley dinner with everybody on Christmas proper, but Harry liked their small gatherings on Christmas Eve. They reached the front door and knocked.

    After a short moment, Hermione appeared. She smiled and opened the door. The first thing Harry noticed was how big she was getting; her pregnant belly was swelling much larger than Ginny’s was—though of course, she was a couple more months along than Ginny. “Hello! Merry Christmas,” Hermione said, grinning and smoothing back her hair. “Come in.”

    Harry let Ginny enter first before stepping into the warmth himself. “Thanks, Hermione,” he said. “How are you?”

    “Good, good,” she said absently, glancing at the window. “No James tonight?”

    “He’s with George and Angelina,” Ginny said. “I hope he isn’t a complete menace by the time we get him back.”

    “Er—Hermione,” Harry said tentatively. “Where’s Ron?”

    Hermione did not answer but rushed towards the kitchen, mumbling something about a pie. Ginny followed her, frowning. Harry listened to their quiet discussion but didn’t follow. If Ginny had to calm down Hermione, things must have been quite dire. He glanced at the window to the back yard and had to strangle a cry of surprise.

    A donkey stood on the other side, looking desperately through the frosted glass at him.

    “Ah… Hermione!” he called, stepping away from the window and into the kitchen. He walked in to find the two women conversing seriously. “Have you always had livestock?”

    “Oh, the donkey? That’s Ron,” she said matter-of-factly.

    Ron.” Harry’s voice raised a few octaves. “Are you mad? You turned him into a donkey?”

    “Just for now.” Hermione returned to her baking. “When he’s feeling mature again, he can come back.”

    “How long will that take? You know Ron—he wouldn’t know mature if it hit him in the nose,” Harry said. This was almost funny. Almost. If he weren’t slightly concerned that Hermione would actually keep her husband like that forever, it would definitely be funny.

    “Harry, you don’t understand my brother,” Ginny said rolling his eyes. “Hermione explained the situation. He’s behaving like an idiot. It’s fine.”

    “It’s not fine! Are you crazy? You can’t just turn people into donkeys when you’re angry with them!”

    “Harry, if you don’t calm down, you’ll join him,” Ginny said, smirking towards Hermione. “Why don’t you boys go catch up while we finish cooking?”

    That was it. They had trumped him. And if he had any sense of self-preservation he would take Ginny’s advise. Chuckling to himself, he exited the house through the back door and sat down on their step. The donkey came trotting up to him and stood there in the snow, pawing the ground nervously.

    “Sorry, about that mate,” Harry said through a laugh. “Can’t do anything for you now. Merry Christmas I guess.”

    Thanks to opaleye for the lovely banner!

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    Name: rachelnotrach
    House: Hufflepuff
    Creature: Reindeer
    Title: Reindeer
    Word Count: 479
    Authors Note: Takes place right before Christmas when Molly is pregnant with Ron.

    The young redheaded boy stared in amazement at the creature in front of him. He was alone, which made the creature wonder where his parents were. “Mum! Uncle Gideon! Uncle Fabian! Look, one of Father Christmas’ reindeer is here!”

    Three adults and five children, all redheads, approached. “Charlie, don’t be silly. Reindeer don’t live in England,” one of the boys said, not close enough to see the creature yet.

    “Percy! Be nice to your brother!” the only woman there yelled. She was very pregnant, and was trying to herd a set of very young twins.

    “Mum! I’m telling you, there’s a reindeer!” the boy apparently named Charlie yelled. “Come and see for yourself!”

    “I’m coming, dear!” The woman took the twins by the hand and walked towards where Charlie was. It was slow moving, as she was pregnant and trying to control twins who looked like they were very hard to control -- judging by their struggles to break her grip. She looked around and spotted her son. Her eyes widened as she saw the creature he was pointing at. “There is a reindeer!” she exclaimed as she finally arrived. “Charlie, whatever you do, do not pet it! We don’t where it’s been!” As soon as she said that, the twins broke their grip and ran up and started petting the creature.

    “Boys,” an adult voice said, sternly. The creature recognized the voice. “Do as your mother tells you. She said don’t pet the reindeer.”

    “Oh, Gideon. You’re never any fun!” another adult voice said. The creature recognized this voice as well. “Boys, don’t listen to your Uncle Gideon. I know this reindeer and he’s perfectly safe.” He gave the antlered creature a wink; the deer knew that meant that the man recognized him as well.

    “Uncle Fabian, are you saying that you know Father Christmas’ reindeer?” a new child’s voice asked.

    “Why yes, Bill, I do. Your Uncle Gideon does too.” Fabian winked at Gideon.

    “I do? Oh, yeah, I do! We’ve worked together. Boys, I don’t think Percy came with us. Why don’t you and your mother go find him and head back home with the tree? We’ll meet you.”

    The mother smiled gratefully and herded her brood to go find the missing child, the one who didn’t believe a reindeer could be in England. The creature waited until all the children had left before standing and moving closer. He tried to shake off the bells that were attached to him, but they were buckled on. The man named Gideon went over and helped him.

    “Sirius leave you out here?” Fabian asked. The creature nodded.

    “Go, get back home. Pregnant or not, Lily could still kick your arse,” Gideon laughed. The creature stood on its hind legs and morphed into a man.

    “You didn’t see any of this,” James hissed, and with a pop! he was gone.

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    Name: hogwartsbookworm
    House: Hufflepuff
    Animal: Fairy
    Title: Life-sized
    Word Count: 395
    Authors Note: This takes place on Christmas, in GOF.
    Roger couldn’t help staring at his date. She was perfect. He didn’t understand how he, Roger Davies, could possibly have gotten a date with the ethereal creature dancing opposite him. A mischievous smile flitted over her lovely face and she leaned forward to whisper in his ear.

    “Eet eez so crowded een here. Eez zere anuzzer place we could go, more priveet?”

    Roger’s stomach jumped at the thought of being alone with her. He nodded eagerly, and led her off the dance floor and out into the gardens. Fairies fluttered here and there, their lights twinkling in the bushes. Fleur took his hand, and he was suddenly overtaken by a huge fit of the giggles, imagining where this little escapade might lead. She began giggling as well, and, after a moment, she led him over to a bench almost entirely hidden by rose bushes.

    She sat down ever so lightly on the edge of the bench. Roger thought she looked almost like a butterfly alighted on a flower. No! She looked like a fairy perched on tree branch.

    Even as he thought it, a fairy drifted past. Her eyes followed it out of sight. He watched her watching it. Moving forward, he sat down on the bench close beside her. She looked at him out of the corner of her eye, then scooted away. Teasing, are we? Roger thought, smirking. He edged along the bench, getting closer and closer until their legs were touching.

    Fleur jumped gracefully to her feet, a playful smile on her face. In the dim light the fairies provided, her ears almost looked pointed. Roger thought that she looked like she might leap into the air at any moment and fly away, a real fairy. Grinning, he stood and walked after her.

    “We really do not know each uzzer zat well, Meester Davies…” she said teasingly, backing away. But not fast enough. Roger wrapped his hands around her tiny waist. She looked coyly up into his face.

    He was just about to lower his lips to hers when a fairy floated between their faces. Roger ignored it, watching Fleur’s face. Her eyes were wide, her lips slightly parted. Why should he look at the tiny, insect-like creature, when he had a life-sized fairy standing before him?

    The fairy zoomed away as the space it had been floating in was suddenly taken.

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    Name: princessbipolar
    House: Ravenclaw
    Animal: Reindeer
    Title: A Complete Family
    Word Count: 463 words
    Authors Note: A buck is a male reindeer and a fawn is a newborn reindeer.

    Staring calmly out of the window, I saw the snowflakes fluttering down from the gloomy dark sky. The land in the horizon was covered with a blanket of snow. The trees stood alone with their bare arms extending towards each other whilst the animals scurried away to hibernate and preserve their energy for the glorious spring.

    Winter. It is the most depressing time of the year for me- at least ever since the incident which happened so many years ago.

    As my eyes flickered to the crystal ornament which you had bought for me in the form of a reindeer, my heart sank upon remembering that Christmas was around the corner.

    Christmas- the day when you left me and broke all your past promises.

    You once told me that I was the only girl you have ever loved in your entire life. Even though you have betrayed me many times, my love-stricken heart bade me to forgive you.

    Even when your family expressed their disapproval for our marriage because of my contaminated bloodline, you still insist that I was the only one who really mattered to you. I have always remembered every single one of your sentences and words. Yet, you have never recollected one of mine.

    My sister, Millicent, told me to give up hope and not bother waiting for you. However, I still harboured delusional fantasies of you returning home on Christmas and express your apologies for breaking my heart on this very day many years ago.

    And now, I am an old woman, shattered and broken like an empty shell. All I have of you are a collection of fuzzy memories which are tainted of old age.

    Sighing, I rose weakly from my chair and made my way to the dusty cupboard. Struggling to open one of the drawers, I finally extracted a beautifully wrapped box. When I opened it, I saw two more crystal reindeers- a buck and a fawn.

    I took both of them out carefully and placed them beside the female doe, which has been standing alone on the table for many years.

    As I leant back to observe them, the crystal reindeers twinkled brightly under the flickering candle light. You once told me that the crystal reindeers resembled a complete family- a mother, a father and a child, a dream that you longed to share with me.

    The crystal reindeers are all I have left of you. They resembled the hope, love and comfort which you have once given me. Yet, you were the very same person who took all of those away.

    Closing my eyes, I felt the darkness pulling my weary body towards it.

    After so many lonely years, I can now join and reunite with you.

    Finally, the family of three will be complete.

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    Name: ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor
    House: Ravenclaw
    Animal: Reindeer
    Title: Have a Horny, Corny Christmas
    Word Count: 500 on the NOSE (*g*)
    Authors Note: I could so see this happening. Eww.

    The party was gorgeous; it always was. Every year, Scorpius and Rose Malfoy threw the most spectacular Christmas soirees in England.

    Albus, however, was just as uninterested as he had been for the past five years. He couldn’t think of anywhere he’d rather not be than there, and that included Azkaban, work, and St Mungo’s in the Creature-Induced Injury wing. His only saving grace was the unlimited supply of really good alcohol. If Scorpius was clueless about a lot of things, liquor wasn’t one of them.

    Cradling his newly topped off vodka, Albus nearly dropped it when hands touched his shoulders. He turned to see who dared to impugn his only solace in the lurid throng, only to find his host. Having Scorpius’s hands on him, however, wasn’t what disturbed Albus the most. It was the headgear — and he had more.

    “What in the name of Merlin is in your hair, Malfoy?”

    Scorpius’s smile faltered a bit. “Rose’s idea. She got the idea from her Nana Granger that her guests should wear either Father Christmas caps or reindeer antlers. Something about some Muggle tradition, she says. It supposedly gets everyone into the spirit.”

    “I’m not wearing that,” Albus said, glaring at the gaudy and horribly realistic horns marring Scorpius’s typically perfect hair. Hopefully, he added, “Maybe you’ll have to throw me out.”

    With a derisive snort, Scorpius said, “No such luck, Potter. If I’m stuck here, then so are you, and you have to wear the antlers.”

    As the offensive item came closer, Albus ducked backward as deftly as his alcoholic haze would allow and slipped into a spare antechamber. Perhaps he should’ve checked to make sure the room wasn’t occupied, because the first sight to meet Albus’s eyes was his brother and his girlfriend in a very compromising position.

    And there were the antlers again — on both of them. James even wore this round, glowing fake nose, almost like a red version of a bluebell flame, and every thrust made it light up. Albus was sure he was going to vomit, but then the worst happened; before he could escape, James noticed his impromptu audience.

    Instead of having the good grace the be embarrassed, James grinned. “Where are your antlers, little brother?”

    I should shove that nose so far up your arse it turns your bollocks into a nightlight, Albus thought darkly as he stalked out of the room, desperate to expel the image of his brother shagging that was irreparably scorched into his brain. The nose-lighty thing made it just that much more despicable.

    Finally, Albus escaped into the conservatory, which was incredibly and thankfully empty. If only he could refill his drink from there, this would’ve been a perfect place to pass the party. The bench beckoned, and he settled down to enjoy his peace and quiet.

    Half asleep, Albus’s heart nearly gave out when he felt something slammed onto his head from behind.

    In his hear, he could vaguely hear Rose’s voice whisper, “Happy Christmas, Al.”
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    Name: Ariana
    House: Gryffindor
    Animal: Fairy
    Title: Like Mother, Like Daughter
    Word Count: 500
    Authors Note: This one was fun .

    She stares into the crowd of people, and backs away, pulling at the large fairy wings flimsily attached to her back.

    Her mother frowns. “Victoire! Leave zem alone, or you will be the only one without wings.”

    “But Mama!” she whines. “I hate the wings!”

    “Sh! Your aunt Audrey has worked so hard so you can have zem!”

    Victoire scowls, mirroring her mother’s own expression. “That’s because the baby wants to be a fairy princess.

    “Don’t call Lucy a baby,” her mother interrupts.

    “Mama!” Victoire protests. “I don’t want to be a fairy princess!” She looks close to tears now.

    Fleur tries a softer tone with her daughter, hoping to avoid a tantrum. “Listen, Victoire,” she says quietly. “Ze routine only lasts two minutes. And it’s only for family. Think of how happy you will make everyone.”

    “I don’t want to make everyone happy.” Victoire has quieted her voice, but her tone is still biting.

    “But you dance so well!” Fleur protests, now grabbing at any excuse.

    “The routine is stupid. We all have to pretend to be little fairy princesses and dance around the fairy queen.”

    Her mother raises her eyebrows, suddenly interested. “I did not know you had a fairy queen.”

    Victoire nods vehemently. “And of course it’s Molly.”

    Fleur’s expression is blank, but her blue eyes gleam angrily. “Take off ze wings, Victoire.” Victoire’s eyes widen in disbelief. “Hurry!”

    “Thank you, Mama!” Victoire says, happily obliging.

    “Your daughters do not always have to be ze best, Audrey,” Fleur mutters under her breath. Turning to her daughter, she adds, “Now, what is it you want to be?”

    Victoire looks up at her mother and smiles, leaning over to whisper in her ear.

    * * *

    Teddy Lupin slouches down even further in his chair, earning himself a warning look from his godfather. Sighing, he sits back up with a frown on his face.

    “I don’t want to watch some stupid fairy show,” Teddy whines. “It’s for girls.” He says the word with disgust, as though girls were the most repulsive things on the planet.

    “It’s only a few minutes long,” Harry says, though he knows the words won’t make his godson any happier.

    Audrey clears her throat, dimming the sitting room lights. “I now present the Weasley girls’ Christmas ballet… The Return of the Fairy Queen!”

    Teddy groans as he watches Lucy teeter across the stage, closely followed by Dominique. Molly enters soon after, and the amount of glitter she wears makes Teddy want to puke. The other girls begin bringing Molly jewels and small pieces of candy as she smirks at the audience.

    And then Victoire waltzes out; she is wingless, but adorned in all white. “I’m here to free the fairy slaves,” she says loudly, grabbing the hands of her sister and Lucy. A few adults groan. Teddy can see Fleur trying hard not to smile from the corner of the room, and can’t help grinning as well. Perhaps not all girls were disgusting.

    Thank you to Hokey for the beautiful banner. And thank you to everyone who nominated and judged --I'm so grateful to you <3.

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    Russia Snow
    It's 10.26pm GMT!

    Lockity-lock time! Thankyou all for your entries, results up soon I promise!

    ~Madams Russia and Carole xxxxx

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