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Thread: Illegal substances and the Ministry

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    Illegal substances and the Ministry

    In the story I'm writing one of the characters is a drug dealer. She and her friends treat this is quite a blase way, as if it does not matter to them morally and she is just about to get arrested by someone who knows it does matter a lot.

    At the moment this person is an Auror. However would the Aurors be interested in illegal substances (as a crime not for their own use obviously)?

    If the Aurors were not in charge than who would be?

    Would it be conceivable that, whilst not in charge, they act as the 'muscle' as it were and do the arresting?

    Any help/ thoughts greatly appreciated?
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    At least in wizarding Britain, the Aurors serve as police, the army (in addition to Hit Wizards and Witches) and probably drug enforcement.

    Unless drugs became a serious problem, I would imagine that the Aurors would be in charge of drug enforcement.

    As for whether they would be interested in enforcement, it would probably depend on how you feel about the Ministry's responsiveness and the amount of drugs in the society. If there aren't much drugs and they are solely used by the elite as a party thing, then there probably wouldn't even be laws against it. By the time that children are using drugs and dying, then you've got a problem and suddenly law enforcement and the government very much care about it.

    But maybe Shacklebolt is a bit of a moralist, so he goes after drugs more intensely without having a crisis situation. It really depends on the political situation.

    There may be a Ministry agency like the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), who is in charge of that kind of thing. Or even something more like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) who says what can and can't be used as food and as medicine. If the drug could be used as a medicine anyway.

    If there is something like the DEA, I'm sure they have their own agents to investigate and arrest suspects. Overlapping bureaucracy is really complicated, though I suppose, doable under the smaller size of wizarding Britain, compared to say, Muggle USA.

    Without the existence of something like the DEA, then the Aurors might have a special division devoted to drugs... or not.

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    Actually, I have to disagree that it would be the Aurors who would deal with this. They're described as being primarily Dark wizard catchers, and there is an instance (I can't remember in which book; I thought it was OoTP, but I've just checked and it's not where I thought it was) where Harry asks if the Aurors will be apprehending a certain person. Mr Weasley, I think it is, says that the task is far too mundane for the Aurors, and that it will just be the Magical Law Enforcement Squad who would be dealing with it. I reckon it would be these guys who dealt with drug related crimes rather than the Aurors.

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