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Thread: Pure Blood Etiquette

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    Pure Blood Etiquette

    Hey, I'm not sure if this has been answered but oh well

    I'm wondering, do wizards that pride on pure blood supremacy (such as Malfoys) have certain etiquettes and manners that they must follow which would distinguish them from other '' common '' wizards?

    And if they do, what are some of them?

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    I've always had them as being very, very formal and posh, a bit like the British Upper class. I think in most stories I've read they've been portrayed this way. I think it's more that they think of themselves as superior and therefore have to behave in a certain manner which they perceive as 'better' than normal wizards.

    In my first fanfic I had Draco's long lost squib sister be rediscovered by the Malfoys, predominantly for PR reasons, and she had to interact with all these weird social conventions that were just highly formal and ultimately unnecessary but it was all part of being a 'Malfoy'/ Pureblood. Old families with money are often like that in RL so I don't see why the Purebloods shouldn't be.

    Hope that helps! Alex x
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    I think welshdevondragon has it bang on with comparing it to the British upper classes. I've always envisioned purebloods as the wizarding form of nobility (or at least that's what they want you to think).

    So if you're thinking etiquette and customs, think of activities that are designed to allow purebloods to "be seen". I've just written a chapter in my story about Christmas with the Black family in 1971 and the Blacks attend what is essentially a wizarding version of The Nutcracker at a grand opera type establishment. Muggle nobility often took part in such activities. Also think of parties, hunting gatherings, and other social events that would give nobility the opportunity to rub elbows with others like themselves. Then put a magical twist on it. Hunting the endangered Snitch (the animal, not the modern-day substitute), regardless of the rarity of this species. Meeting in special, upper crust establishments where the meager plebeians are not allowed to enter. Etc etc.

    If you are looking for specific manners and etiquette, I imagine you would have relative free reign to invent some etiquette of your own, much in the same way that JK invents magical versions of things and makes them sound perfectly normal to wizards (such as Beedle's stories). So you might have a way that known purebloods greet each other that reaches back to a custom from centuries previous, such as having a practice whereby purebloods touch their hearts to indicate pure blood. Or maybe a customary toast with long spoken words before each party, celebrating the few, the proud, the purebloods.

    Hope that gives you some ideas!

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    Purebloods like the Malfoys and the Blacks probably would be like the English upper class, because they're very wealthy and pride themselves on their lineage. However, not all Purebloods act like this. Look at Ron and Neville; they're both Purebloods (a Longbottom appears on the Black family tree and isn't blasted off) and they don't appear to have a stict ettiquette to follow. Neither does James Potter Snr or Ernie Macmillian. Ernie is slightly pompous, but I've always supposed that's more down to his own character rather than rules forced upon him.

    I have to say that over-doing Pureblood manners is a pet peeve of mine, and I think often it's used as a plot device to make the families seem overly cruel and unfair on their children. Remember Lucius Malfoy's line to Mr Borgin in CoS, 'wizarding blood is counting less and less these days', or something to that effect. Note that he only refers to the pureness of blood. There's nothing to do with manners or proper behaviour of a pureblood in there at all, and I think that it would have been mentioned if Pureblood equaled certain ettiquette. There's also Sirius remembering his family. He says that they thought being a Black made them practically royalty, and I think if all Pureblood families thought along these lines, it wouldn't have been something unusual for him to hate.

    When you're writing Marauder Era, things are going to be more strict because thats how society was back then. Mr and Mrs Black and probably the Potters as well would have been raised in a world where children were seen and not heard, so some of that probably would have rubbed off on the way they raised their own children, and that coupled with what the Blacks thought about themselves would perhaps lead to a stricter childhood for Sirius and Regulus. However, I don't think you can apply the same sort of rules to Pansy Parkinson or Daphne Greengrass, say.

    Sarah x

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